NSP Competition Results 2024

The Lake Rock Festival

The Lake Rocks Festival is one of the big stops of the 2024 SUP Alps Trophy.

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The Lake Rocks festival had a lot to offer with a field of over 300 paddlers from 21 countries coming to Faak Lake for the Alps Trophy which included €12,000 up for grabs across both the Long-distance and ICF Technical races in their respective categories.

The opening paddle day saw Blue Ewer on an impressive pace taking out 4th  in the long-distance event which was an exciting start because he kept this same momentum, rolling into the Technical where he also clinched another 4th to see him standing on the podium in top 4 overall. Blue rode the Cheetah in the technical race which gave him both the looseness to turn at speed at a buoy yet maintained extra stability paddling at speed to give him an edge while the young man “Ben Leon” took out 9th in U16 category.

Sveva Sabato who is an incredible talent placed in 9th in the open Women’s speed race and took out the U16 final placing 1st.  Claudia Positglione paddled incredibly well over the weekend, 2nd in both the Technical and Speed Races, which saw her placing to 2nd overall for the whole event standing on the podium once again while Erica Revil placed in 9th from Open Women.

Open Women

1stJuliette Duhaime
2ndClaudia Postiglione
3rdTarryn King
4thEsperanza Barreras
5thCecilia Pampinella
6thSusak Molinero
7thSkadi Langbein
8thNoemi Bashai
9thErica Revil

Women 50+

1stAnna Occhiogrosso
2ndPolona Pusljar
3rdSara Oddera
4thAndrea Forrer
5thNatalija Fon
6thStanislava Laginja
7thMarianna Rita Oláh
8thNataša Cesar

Women U16

1stSveva Sabato
2ndLisa Venturelli
3rdSara De Stefano
4thEmilia Daszewska
5thMartyna Drobny
6thLena Nowak
7thMarin Hoeboer
8thMaja Bauereck 161
9thNatalia Wramba
10thVivien Franke

Open Men

1stFilippo Mercuriali
2ndSantino Basaldella
3rdMichael Booth
4thBlue Ewer
5thVaic Garioud
6thPaolo Marconi
7thAndrii Kraitor
8thFilippo Alberti
9thCameron Tripney

Men 50+

1stDaniele Cani
2ndHolger Hassenpflug
3rdRoberto Mandolini
4thPeter Mulhauser
5thAndreas Kammerer
6thGerd Weisner
7thChristian Bottausci
8thGabor Szabo
9thGabor Szerdahelyi 184

Men U16

1stGiulio Lazzarini
2ndAlex Stefan
3rdMattia Rutigliano
4thAlessandro Rossi
5thAndri Hack
6thSerse Pio Sabato
7thMylo Van Bakel
8thMatteo Pernisco
9thBen Leon Knorr, Selwyn Pritchard
10thGregorio Ferroni

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EuroTour Sancti Petri SUP Race

The 4th edition of the Sancti Petri is part of the EuroTour, and given Titouan Puyo, Antonio Morillo, Bianca Toncelli, Christian Andersen, Duna Gordillo, Iona Rivet, Laura Quetglas, Luis Perotti, Miriana Mangialasche and Vincent Guillaume have announced their registration, we expect some wins and upsets from Team NSP.

Sancti Petri Beach is a gorgeous venue, allowing ocean athletes to paddle through the idyllic surroundings of the nearby nature park, and race given a Medieval castle.

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Euro Tour Sancti Petri Sup Race stop #3 had a different playing field compared to the Lake Faak event! The Sancti Petri is held in the beautiful open ocean at Atenas Playa in the beautiful beach of La Barrosa.  The long-distance women’s race saw one of the best performances of the event and it was from our very own Duna Gordillo, she was the only one who kept close to the winner the entire race, on a fine performance finishing 2nd, not far behind in 4th was our Iona Rivet along with fellow NSP rider Bianca Toncelli 8th in the open women’s which brought her up to take out the U16 podium.

The Men’s Long distance race had Antonia Morillo place 7th along with Titouan Puyo back into the top 10 finishing 10th and Christian Anderson’s surprise finish at 16th.  Keep an eye out for the next leg of the Euro Tour which will see our team into Barcelona with a common goal of hitting the podium!

Duna, Iona, Laura raced The NSP Carolina
Read more about the NSP Carolina.

Bianca raced the NSP Cheetah
Read more about the NSP Cheetah.

Open Women

1stMariecarmen RiveraPuerto Rico00:42:21
2ndDuna GordilloSpain00:43:09
3rdRita Okuaki๋Japan00:45:23
4thRivet IonaFrance00:46:04
5thLaura QuetglasSpain00:47:16
6thElene EtxeberriaSpain00:47:44
7thAmelia MoralSpain00:48:59
8thBianca ToncelliSpain00:49:28
9thHouron Camille HouronFrance00:50:48
10thMiriana MangialascheItalia00:52:18

Open Men

1stShuri ArakiJapan00:35:05
2ndAaron SanchezSpain00:35:39
3rdRai TaguchiJapan00:35:40
4thManuel HoyuelaSpain00:35:42
5thDavid LeaoBrazil00:36:19
6thOliver HoughtonNew Zealand00:36:21
7thAntonio MorrilloSpain00:36:24
8thRiccardo RossiItaly00:36:30
9thLluis PerottiSpain00:36:30
10thTitouan PuyoFrance00:36:47

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Bianca Toncelli wins U16 – Duna Gordillo grabs 2nd in Elite at V MERA |  España de Beach Race 24

With the V SUP MERA Festival being held at the same time as the Mondello Euro Tour Event, several Spanish athletes opted to compete at their National Event instead of the Tour event. The NSP Squad pulled in some epic wins across all age brackets, from the tender U14 class right up to the Elite Women’s class.

SUP Mera

The ever-consistent podium finisher Duna Gordillo placed 2nd in the Elite Women’s, while up-and-coming Bianca Toncelli celebrated a landslide victory in the U16’s, finishing with a margin of 45 seconds over the 2nd finisher.

Elite Women

1stEspe Barreras Sanjurjo28:36.0
2ndDuna Gordillo Rodríguez28:42.6
3rdAlba Alonso Frey29:12.3

U18 Women

1stAlexia Soto Sánchez41:35.4
2ndAmelia Moral42:48.1
3rdInes Blin Gómez43:23.0

U16 Women

1stBianca Toncelli31:20.6
2ndNúria Chiquero Blasco32:04.1
3rdFrancisca Costa33:08.9

U14 Men

1stEnzo Ponzo Santcana19:25.9
2ndAlvaro Diaz Pia19:49.3
3rdRodrigo Garcia Perez20:26.3

Elite Men

1stAaron Sánchez Quetglas25:39.9
2ndManuel Hoyuela Rojas26:00.5
3rdSergio Cantoral Quirant26:31.8

U18 Men

1stLluis Perotti Ferriol27:11.0
2ndIvan Puente Rodriguez27:11.2
3rdIvan Esteve Romero27:43.5

U16 Men

1stRuben Cantoral Quirant28:33.5
2ndAlvarro Coscollano Bustamante29:16.4
3rdAron Ramos29:18.2

U14 Men

1stEnzo Ponzo Santcana19:25.9
2ndAlvaro Diaz Pia19:49.3
3rdRodrigo Garcia Perez20:26.3

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Athletes Shine at ICE RACE at Lake Thun

The ICE RACE at Lake Thun 2024 offered intense competition amid the picturesque surroundings of Lake Thun and the Swiss Alps. Bodie Von Allmen and Sabine Fischer stood out with their performances in the technical races.

Bodie Von Allmen clinched victory in a gripping men’s technical race, edging past Ole Schwarz in a close contest that showcased his racing future standing on the podium.

On the women’s side, Sabine Fischer excelled, taking the top spot in the women’s technical race. Her impressive performance showcased her talent and determination to her training and things to come this year!

Both Sabe and Bodie paddled on their Ninja and brought it home in some challenging conditions on the Lake.
Read more about the NSP Ninja.

NSP Ninja

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SUP Technical Race Open Men

1stBodie Von AllmenUSA08:38.6
2ndOle SchwarzSUI08:46.4
3rdBastian GrimmGER08:54.7
4thChristian TaucherAUT09:00.7
5thMartin TeichmannGER09:07.2

SUP Technical Race Open Women

1stSabine FischerSUI10:31.1
2ndDiane KoornstraNED10:49.8
3rdOlympe VernedeFRA11:05.8
4thNadia MaederSUI11:51.3

For the full results, please click.

Claudia secures 2nd and Sveva 3rd in the Junior category, with Iona Rivet and Blue Ewer taking 5th and 6th at The Water Festival, Italy

The Go Water Festival takes place in Mondello, an idyllic beach neighborhood in Palermo, Sicily, showcased a range of water sports, including the Stand Up Paddle Elite races and a part of the 2024 Euro Tour.

With Titouan Puyo, Iona Rivet, Blue Ewer, and Claudia Postiglione competing, we expected a decent amount of podium space for NSP.

Do check out last year’s video here, or scroll through the different course maps, prize money guide, and more info:

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In the men’s race, British paddler Blue Ewer made an impressive showing, navigating the course with precision and finishing strong among a competitive field of international athletes securing himself 6th! The difference between 2nd and 6th was .02 of a second.

French paddler Titouan Puyo initially set a strong pace, but struggled to keep up with the younger generation of racers. A rib injury prevented Titouan from training since the ICF Worlds. Despite this setback, Puyo displayed his usual tenacity on the water and cruised his way into an impressive 16th amongst the world’s best despite his injury.

In the women’s race, French paddler Iona Rivet made her mark by paddling solo for much of the competition, securing a notable 5th-place finish in her debut International race of the season. Italian paddler and junior world champion Claudia Posiglione also showcased her endurance, consistently trailing the leading pack. Ultimately Claudia proved her prowess on the water by finishing 7th along with fellow Junior paddler Sveva, who finished 9th Overall, with a 3rd place in the junior category.

Blue raced The NSP Carolina
Read more about the NSP Carolina.

T2, Iona, Claudia and Sveva raced the NSP Ninja
Read more about the NSP Ninja.

Men Elite
1st Shuri Araki
2nd David Leao
3rd Donato Freens
4th Filippo Merculiali
5th Ludovic Teulade
6th Blue Ewer
7th Rai Taguchi
8th Davide Alpino
9th Oliver Houghton
10th Eri Tenorio

For the full men’s results, click here.

Women Elite
1st Mariecarmen Rivera
2nd Melanie Lafanetre
3rd Juliette Duhaime
4th Susak Molinero
5th Iona Rivet
6th Cecilia Pampinella
7th Claudia Postiglione
8th Laura Nitti
9th Sveva Sabato
10th Velia Pisanelli

For the full women results, click here.

Team NSP Korea snatches 1st place at Korean Canoe Federation competition

Men’s under 15
1st Park Chan Yul
2nd Lee Kyunhjae

Women’s under 15
1st Jung Sia

A men’s
1st Place, Joo Wan-jong

A women’s
1st place, KIM NAYEON
2nd place, Lee Jisun

Claudia Postiglinione wins first place at Pescara Beach Race, Italy

Very little is known about the Pescara Beach Race, which is a national event, with a Beach Race and a Long Distance event as well.
We’re just proud our Claudia Postiglione reigned supreme and won the event on her Carolina!

Pescara Beach Race

Claudia raced the NSP Carolina

Read more about the Pro Carbon Carolina.

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Antonio Morillio and Alexia Soto victorious at Triple S Festival Melilla

After the success of the first two editions, the Triple S Surf Festival continues its journey for another year with the objective of promoting and publicizing surfing.

Check the event’s streaming channel above.
Next year’s edition is planned between April 25th and 28th.

Race Results

Men Long Distance
1st Antonio Morillo 
2nd Fernando Pérez
3rd Aaron Sanchez
4th Manuel Hoyuela
5th Sergio Cantoral
6th Joan Garcia
7th Lluis Perotti
8th Miquel Roige
9th Alvaro Blanco
10th Jorge Valenzuela

Master Men Long Distance
1st Miquel Roigé
2nd Salvador Mora
3rd Roberto Cañedo
4th Albert Folch
5th Santi Canto
6th Javier Moreno
7th Fofi Recio
8t้h Fernando Jose
9th Alvaro Porras

U12 Men Long Distance
1st Noah Diaz
2nd Eric Pérez
3rd Lucas Garcia
4th Fernando Rioja

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Women Long Distance
1st Esperanza Barreras
2nd Duna Gordillo
3rd Alba Alonso
4th Sonia Caimari
5th Aida Nepola
6th Elene Etxeberria
7th Gadea Ibarloza
8th Laura Baccaro
9th Victoria Sanchez
10th Maria Sotillo

Master Women Long Distance
1st Gadea Ibarloza
2nd Laura Baccaro
3rd Victoria Sanchez
4th Maria Sotillo

U18 Women Long Distance
1st Alexia Soto
2nd Laura Paricio
3rd Amelia Moral
4th Ines Blin
5th Natalia Lloret

For the full results, please click.

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Bodie Von Allmen claims third place at Carolina’s Cup Graveyard Race

The 13th Annual Carolina Cup was held last week, filled to the brim with clinics, meet’n greets, demos, and five monumental races. The Graveyard being the big dog in the event, considered by paddle athletes to be one of the major races to compete in. Other races include Saturday’s 3.5-mile Harbor Island Recreational race, a 6.5-mile Money Island Open Race, and a friendly race for kids only.

Back in 2023, the previous edition of the Carolina Cup was elevated to 7-Star status – the highest ranking and one of only three races in the world to attain the lucky 7.

This is a beach start and finish. This is a 12.6-13.2-mile ocean- and flatwater race, started on the ocean side of the Blockade Runner Beach Resort. Next, athletes head out through the surf, downwind to the inlet, into the inland waterways and ICWW around Wrightsville Beach.

There are two inlets, one of which requires racers to surf waves in through the inlet, along with some boat traffic and local swell. The ocean section of the race will be the downwind section, if the weather cooperates.

Usually, the organizer will change the direction of the race to optimize the conditions for a fast, fun, challenging race. Your mileage depends on the line you take and has been controversial in the past. This Carolina Cup Graveyard Race is for elite paddlers with the skill and fitness to complete this endurance challenge.

The race is called The Graveyard, because depending on your fitness level, experience and swell, it will take between 2 and 3.5 hours to complete the course. If not for the competition, it is a great way to push your limits and benchmark yourself in a variety of conditions against some of the best paddlers in the world.

The rulebook says all athletes must finish the half-way mark within two hours, and there is a five-hour limit to complete the race.

In the end, water woman pur sang Jenny Kalmbach finished 1st in the women’s segment and Bodie von Allmen snatched the last piece of podium space with a 3rd place:

Carolina CUP

Race Course

  • Harbor Island 5K Recreational Race
  • Money Island 10K Open Race
  • Graveyard 13-mile Elite Race
  • Graveyard Surfski and Outrigger Race
  • The Technical Sprint Race
  • Kid’s Race

Graveyard Race Results Men

1st Michael Booth
2nd Itzel Delgado
3rd Bodie von Allmen
4th Ricardo Avila
5th Campbell Carter
6th Tim Oliver
7th Tommy Buday
8th Jack Ballard
9th John Batson
10th Tilghman Meiser

Graveyard Race Results Women

1st Jenny Kalmbach
2nd Kimberly Barnes
3rd Sey Chelle
4th Madeline Leblanc
5th Regan Littell
6th Meredith Stewart
7th Edith Turcotte
8th Hyunyung Boo
9th Kathy Mcrae
10th Wendy Tillett

For the full results, please click here.

Bodie von Allmen:

“Super fun conditions for the SUP Carolina CUP. The NSP Carolina was perfect for the race today which has more than a little bit of everything. Looking forward to another graveyard next year!.”

Bodie raced the NSP Carolina

Read more about the Pro Carbon Carolina.

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Bodie von Allmen places 3rd at Dana Ocean Challenge

The Dana Ocean Challenge is a 10-mile open water race located in Dana Point, Southern California. This race is a 2024 USA Ocean Racing Team Qualifier.

Bodie van Allmen is an NSP Teamrider from Oregon, USA. The 2024 Dana Ocean Challenge is organized by the fine people of the Dana Outrigger Canoe Club.

We saw you raced your Carolina 20.5 – how did that work out?
The Carolina is my favourite all-around board and works in any conditions so not surprisingly, it worked very well milking any bump that was out there.

What was your average paddling speed?
I did not have my GPS but I probably averaged about 6 to 6.5 mph

How many paddlers participated you reckon?
There were about 100 total participants on the 5-mile short course.

Are you going to attend next year’s edition?
I have not planned next season out yet but as long as there is nothing else conflicting, I’ll be back down next year.

What’s next for you?

I will be coming back down to SoCal next weekend for the Adler Paddler Race in Long Beach on March 24th. It’s going to be a flat water race so I will be using my Ninja.

Spanish Antonio Morillo finishes 1st in men’s open category of the inaugural India Paddle Festival

One & Two for NSP

“It was definitely one of my best races under challenging conditions and I am glad that I could finish at the top in such a close finish.

I am very impressed with the Indian stand-up paddlers and with such a robust infrastructure they have it in their hands and such beautiful weather conditions, I am confident that I’ll meet quite a few of them at the international level very soon.”
Antonio Morillo

Christian Andersen at the Indian Paddle Festival 2024

Mangalore, Antonio Morillo of Spain emerged as the winner, while Denmark’s Christian Andersen finished second in the men’s open category in the Long Distance Technical SUP race of the inaugural India Paddle Festival on Saturday. The world’s no.2 Spaniard, Fernando Perez finished third.

The highlight of the day, the finals of the SUP Technical Long Distance in the men’s open category saw a thrilling finish with the top three separated by a margin of a few seconds. Antonio Morillo finished first with a total time of 56:59 minutes while second-placed Christian Andersen fell short of first place by just a second and a half (57:00.151 minutes).

About Mangalore and Sasihithlu Beach

A coastal paradise waiting to be discovered by water sports enthusiasts – situated just 22 kilometers away from Mangalore city centre, Sasihithlu beach is easily accessible by bus, taxi, or tuk-tuk even. Travelers can also drive to the beach by using a Sasihithlu Beach map to get exact driving directions.

The distance between Mangalore International Airport and the beach is just 25 kilometers. This beach is also quite close to Mangalore railway station with a road distance of 27 kilometers.

Spanish winners-Antonio Morillo and Espe Barreras at the Indian Paddle Festival 2024

The Women’s Open category in the Long Distance Technical SUP race saw Spain’s Esperanza Barreras walk away with the top spot, while Irin of Thailand finished second. Junior SUP champion from Italy, Bianca Toncelli finished third.

The three-day SUP event WAs the country’s first-ever International SUP championship and was hosted at Sasihithlu Beach, Mangalore from March 8 to March 10, 2024. The event was organized by Surfing Swami Foundation. The India Paddle Festival is sanctioned by the Association of PaddleSurf Professionals World Tour (APP).

Day 2 opened with the heats of the SUP Technical Long Distance (10 kms) race for the Men’s Open category at the India Paddle Festival. From a total of 20 athletes from two heats, a total of 10 (5 from each heats) made their way to the finals. The finalist also included two Indians viz; India no. 1 Sekar Patchai and Manikandan D. The other finalists included Antonio Morillio, Daniel Hasyulo, Natapat Koman, Septenandow Horomati, Fernando Perez, Christian Andersen, Han Sung Ho, Zaki Hibrizi.

The day progressed with the finals of the SUP Technical Long Distance (10 kms) race for the Women’s Open category which saw a total of seven participants from Spain, Italy, Thailand, South Korea and India. World no. 2, Esperanza Barreras from Spain walked away with the winner’s trophy with a timing of 59:38 minutes. Thailand’s Irin N finished second with a total time of 1:05:23 hrs, while SUP Junior Champion, Bianca Toncelli from Italy finished third with a total time of 1:08:21 hrs.

“This was a great experience racing against the world’s best. What was inspiring to witness that in spite of a rough ocean, the international athletes fought their way through. We learnt a lot from them as far as techniques are concerned and I am hopeful that more such international completions should be held in India throughout the year for us to have a real-time competitive experience.”
Indian Champion Sekar Patchai, 5th place

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