Dream Rider PU

The Dream Rider PU is a new, higher-performance alternative to our regular mid-length funboards.

Polyurethane and fiberglass construction feature distinct characteristics embraced by surfers worldwide. PU is ideal for riders wanting that classic and artisan feel.

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Rail: Full, tucked edge
Bottom: Flat Vee
Ideal waves: 1- 6ft
Level: Beginner – Expert

Dream Rider PU design:

  • A longer performance board with features for both the aspiring surfer and style-conscious looking to fire up their surfing with a fun and versatile surfboard for catching more waves.
  • Stable and performance-orientated for fast-tracking skills, ample nose area which adds paddle power for easy wave catching and drives in smaller waves.
  • The exotic double-wing rounded pintail maximizes stability and shortens the radius of the turn giving a quicker and snappier riding board.­­
  • The NSP Dream Rider is a Kym Thompson shape.

Dream Rider PU fin setup:

The Dream Rider PU comes with NSP’s FTU fin boxes (compatible with Futures® fins).

Scroll to the bottom of the page for high-performance NSP accessories that work well with the Dream Rider PU.


Size Chart

LengthWidthThicknessVolumeWeight +/- 5%
6'8''20 ¹/²"2 ¹/²"39.3 Liters3.93 Kg
6'10''20 ³/⁴"2 ¹/²"40.8 Liters4.04 Kg
7'2''21"2 ¹/²"42.4 Liters4.29 Kg
7'6''21 ¹/²"2 ¹/²"48.9 Liters4.63 Kg


Dream Rider PU Colour Options

NSP Dream Rider PU colours

Additional Information

• A dream to ride, this premium and fun shape turns heads on and off the water. What’s more, it will work in the big stuff too, and conditions will have to become severe before you max out on your Dream Rider:

• For those riders insisting anything they ride is PU, we created the Heritage series and the Dream Rider PU is our go-to board for riders looking for a more boutique shape, featuring a double-winged tail setup and vintage construction.

• Available in two designs (in the clear coat and “Indian”), plus the  7’2″ and 7’6″ are also available in our environmentally friendly Cocoflax construction.

The double Rail Wing design
Two small, pronounced shifts in the rail line enhance the maneuverability of the Dream Rider Cocomat.

Typically, wings allow shapers to utilize the more loose-turning characteristics of a wider tail ahead of the wings and combine this with the holding power of the narrower tail immediately following them.

Kym Thompson chose to use this design feature as the wings break and shorten the length of the rail line, making the board looser, complementing its design.

Dream Rider PU construction diagram

Precision-CNC cut, shaped, laminated and finished by hand. With a natural flex pattern and reliable feel, PU has been the standard construction for many years in the surfing industry.

While not as durable or as light as boards laminated with epoxy resin, PU performs in all surf conditions and can be adapted to suit a wide variety of surfboard models.

– CNC-profiled, hand-shaped high-density polyurethane foam with a wooden stringer
– High-quality polyester resin and fiberglass hand laminated and sanded to a satin-rub or fully polished high-quality finish
– NSP designed FTU fin boxes (compatible with Futures Fins) on all models

NSP 2024 PU Construction

Dream Rider Profile

NSP Dream Rider

Dream Rider PU Features

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    Bag details

    Bag NameDimensionsDesigned for
    Board sock 7'0"7'0" x stretchy6'8'' and 6'10"
    Board sock 7'6"7'6" x stretchy7'2" and 7'6"
    Surf day bag 7'0" 4mm218 x 64 cm6'8" and 6'10"
    Surf day bag 7'4" 4mm218 x 64 cm7'2"
    Surf day bag 7'10" 4mm229 x 68 cm7'6"
    Surf travel bag 7'0" 8mm249 x 68 cm6'8" and 6'10"
    Surf travel bag 7'4" 8mm218 x 64 cm7'2"
    Surf travel bag 7'10" 8mm229 x 68 cm7'6"

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