Triple Board Bag 10mm

A Triple Board Bag is a must for the committed surfer/traveler. A three-board capacity means you get to bring a serious quiver in the safest possible way to your destination. Or maybe you and your buddies enjoy cutting down on airline fees too? Either way, a triple board bag is a great friend to have. Alternatively, bring two boards and use the remaining space for a weekend’s worth of clothes, wetsuits, and accessories.

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Our new triple board bag will protect your beloved boards in transit with heavy-duty dragging rails (great for airport floors), coffin sidewalls, and some well-placed tension straps to avoid your boards moving around inside the bag:

– Designed for up to three boards
– Padded coffin sidewalls
– Dual-density foam padding, 10 mm thick
– Heavy-duty polyester outer layer with 1680D nose & tail reinforcements
– Internal dividers keeping the board from dinging each other
– Two internal compression straps to keep the boards or other contents in place
– Two exterior compressions straps to tie down your triple board bag
– Adjustable shoulder strap for a comfortable transit
– Heavy-duty, rust-resistant zippers

Available in four sizes, there is a triple bag for every surfer. Whether you’re a sales rep or you are off to some epic conditions for the weekend; you get to make sure all your boards are coming with you on this trip!



Triple Board Bag Features

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A word on wheels vs. drag rails

We know the difference between wheeling a board bag vs. sliding it across an airport floor very well. But we found that eventually, all board bags make it out to a beach. Beaches tend to be sandy and salty, which pretty much spells the death of all wheels and bearings. By avoiding moving parts, we increased the reliability of your triple board bag and minimized the amount of maintenance required.

triple board bag

What is 1680D?
1680D is a designation by DuPont for their super tough basket-weave nylon and it is one of the most durable fabrics available. Originally developed by the DuPont corporation as a material for flak jacket, it is a rugged, highly abrasion-resistant fabric that can handle a beating.

I need a different type of board bag
Whether it is a bag for your oversized SUP, an oddly shaped foil board or some protection for your Molokai, have a look at our bag overview page.

The perfect travel setup

If you are a regular surf traveler, a triple board bag in combination with a board sock is a winning combination. Not only will you have the means to travel to your destination, but you also get to protect your board from the sun at that location without bringing out the full, triple board bag.

Plus, a board sock prevents the screws, chargers, leashes, screwdrivers and other loose items from scratching up the finish of your boards as they are neatly separated from the rest of your globetrotter cargo by an additional board sock.

Airline fees

Head on over to the guys at Wavetribe to see which airlines are “surfer friendly”, which ones charge over $100, over $150 or the ones that move into $200 and beyond that to see who’s going to fly you next time around.

Triple board bag packing tips

1) Use pipe insulation to protect your rails. This stuff is normally used to make sure hot water stays hot as it makes its way to your faucet. It’s cheap, it’s reusable and cut to length, these foam tubes simply slide over your rails. Best of all, these are reusable and makes for a great makeshift roof rack.

2) Strategic placement of the different goodies will allow you to evenly distribute weight. Evenly distributed weight allows you to effortlessly carry your board bag by the center handle (and the same applies to airport staff).

3) Unless your board bag contains wax, a leash, duct tape and a ding repair kit, don’t even bother packing it. For bonus points, add a photocopy of your passport somewhere. Should you ever need it, you will appreciate it.

4) Be kind to the locals, when you are lightening the load on your way back, give that local kid some trunks, flipflops or a T-Shirt? You’re never going to believe how much use they get out of your old gear.

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    Bag NameDimensionsDesigned for
    Triple boardbag surf 6'0"195 x 56 x 24 cmMultiple boards
    Triple boardbag surf 6'8"214 x 57 x 24 cmMultiple boards
    Triple boardbag surf 7'6"239 x 59 x 24 cmMultiple boards
    Triple boardbag surf 9'1"290 x 60 x 24 cmMultiple boards