WHY I SURF  – I’m Thankful


Ever wondered why riding waves is more than just a sport—it’s a way of life? At NSP (Nature, Surfing, Products), we’re here to unravel the mysteries behind the deep-seated passion surfers have for the ocean. We’ve crafted a series of “Why I Surf” videos, unveiling the countless joys that keep surfers coming back for more.

What we’ve discovered is that surfers across the globe share an unspoken connection. It’s like a universal language that brings us together, transcending borders. You can almost hear a distant “yeeeew” echoing across the waves when someone snags the ride of a lifetime!

The stories of surf stretch back centuries, originating as far back as the 12th Century. These tales have been passed down through generations and continue to inspire. Whether it’s about uncovering a hidden gem of a surf spot, the sheer thrill of riding a two-foot wave, or the rebellious excitement of ditching school for the incoming swell, surfers have endless tales to tell. The conversations while paddling out and the fireside chats at the beach create memories that last a lifetime.

But there’s something more profound. What draws us to the sea, day after day? What pushes us to break our own boundaries and conquer our fears? The only way to grasp it is to experience it yourself. Only those who’ve felt the ocean’s embrace truly understand the sensation. The beach walk, no matter how long, reminds us that the only thing stopping us from capturing that perfect moment is ourselves. It’s a journey of bliss, courage, solitude, and a connection to something greater.

Join us and explore our “Why I Surf” videos below. We’re continually adding more stories from our team riders and ambassadors, so stay tuned. Get ready to dive into the heart of surfing and discover why we ride those waves.

WHY I SURF  – The Culture

WHY I SURF  – The Connection

WHY I SURF  – Fitness and Flow

WHY I SURF  – To Escape

WHY I SURF  – Every Day is Different