High Roller SLX

The High Roller continues the evolution of longboard SUP surfing, making it an ideal shape for SUP surfers wanting to experience classic log moves on a high-performance SUP board.

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High Roller Design

– Forward V to subtle V double concave through the tail
– Fast, easy to put on a rail and cuts through chop
– Wide point forward outline and more area in front of your feet adds paddling stability
– Reduced tail width for surfing performance and control
– Box plus FTU sides; ride as a single fin, 2+ 1, or go thruster with a smaller center fin and larger sides

High Roller fin setup

Whether you’re a single fin rider, going for classic style and old-school helicopters, or you are looking for a more aggressive drive, the fin cluster on the High Roller accommodates. Each High Roller comes with NSP’s FTU boxes (compatible with Futures® fins), plus a set of  J3 performance side bites and a Wave 6 center fin.

High-performance accessories by NSP for your High Roller
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Accessories Included

  • FTU RTM Fins

    2x J3 RTM Side fins

  • Wave 6.0 RTM fin

Size Chart

LengthWidthThicknessVolumeWeight +/- 5%
9'0''28"4 ¹/²"125 Liters8.10 Kg
9'0''29 ¹/²"4 ⁵/⁸"136 Liters8.74 Kg
10'0''26"3 ⁷/⁸"112 Liters8.03 Kg
10'0''27 ¹/²"4"123.25 Liters8.32 Kg
10'0''29"4"134.5 Liters8.92 Kg
10'0"30 ¹/²"4 ⁵/¹⁶"146 Liters9.48 Kg


Additional Information

The High Roller rides fast, is super smooth and forgiving, allowing you to paddle in early, ride the nose, trim, and flow as well as cross-step back to the tail and smash the lip.

With subtle nods to the most functional design elements of high-performance short- and longboards combined with traditional outlines.

SLX Construction

High Roller SLX construction

SLX  Flax Technology delivers wave-riding performance and reduced weight without compromising durability.

–   Vacuum bonded SLX (Super Light Epoxy) core offers a lighter weight than others
–   Full Paulownia wood deck for added strength and rigidity
–   Unidirectional flax fiber rails for superior flex control and increased durability
–   SLX Flax; a premium and high-performance package
–   Eco-friendly flax rails
–   Extended EVA grip toward the nose
–   2+1 fin box setup for added versatility
–   High nose and medium tail rocker


High Roller Profile

High Roller Features

High Roller Video

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    Bag details

    Bag NameDimensionsDesigned for
    Surf Day Bag 10'0" 4mm317 x 74 cm9'0" x 28", 10'0" x 26", 10'0" x 27 ¹/²", 10'0'' x 29"
    Surf Day Bag 11'0" 4mm348 x 78 cm9'0" x 29 ¹/²", 10'0" x 30 ¹/²"
    Surf Travel Bag 10" 8mm318 x 75 cm9'0" x 28", 10'0" x 26", 10'0" x 27 ¹/²", 10'0'' x 29"
    Surf Travel Bag 11" 8mm350 x 79 cm10'0" x 30 ¹/²"

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