Christian Andersen


Christian Andersen

Birthday: January 8

Home Spot: Klitmøller (Cold Hawaii), Denmark

Disciplines: SUP Racing, Foiling, Wing, Surfing

Sponsors: NSP, Apollo Sports, Black Project, Neilpryde



Christian Andersen, better known as the Polar Bear, grew up close to the beach in a small town called Klitmøller, (Cold Hawaii). Growing up, he always had a love for sports, whether it was Football or Skateboarding.

He fell in love with surfing at the age of 9 and quickly got into Stand Up Paddling at the age of 10, and he hasn’t looked back since. Growing up right next to Casper Steinfath allowed Christian to follow in his footsteps. Having Casper as a mentor made him destined to start competing on the international scene at a young age. Christian’s most memorable moments out of many in the sport were competing in the Red Bull Heavy Water as the youngest competitor and winning the ISA Junior World Title in 2019.

Even though the Danish athlete mostly competes at the highest level in SUP Racing, he is a waterman at heart, and he enjoys all forms of water sports. If the waves are good you will find him riding his shortboard or SUP Surf, if it´s windy you can find him out Wing Foiling or on a downwinder.

It might not show on land, but when it’s time to compete, Christian is a super competitive athlete. He is dedicated and works very hard to achieve his goal of becoming the best in the world.


Christian Andersen




SLX DC Surf X Deck



NSP Carolina


NSP Spitfire Deck



  • 1st place ICF Qualifier Skrea Strand Long Distance and Technical Race
  • 1st place ICF Qualifier Agios Nikolaos Long Distance and Technical Race
  • 1st place Danish Championships Technical Race
  • 2nd place European Championships Sprint
  • 2nd place Euro Tour Gran Canaria
  • 3rd Place Euro Tour Madeira
  • 3rd place GlaGla Technical Race
  • 3rd place Battle for Hercules EuroTour
  • 3rd place APP Viana overall
  • 3rd place European Championships Technical Race
  • 3rd Place ICF Agios Nikolaos Sprint
  • 4th place European Championship Long Distance
  • 5th place ICF World Championships Technical Race
  • 5th place ISA World Championships Sprint


  • 3rd Place European Championships Sprints
  • 3rd Place European Championships LD
  • 3rd Place Nautic Paris SUP Open
  • 4th Place ICF VM Technical Race
  • 4th Place ISA VM Sprint Race


  • 1st place Euro tour Finland
  • 3rd place Euro tour Hvide Sande
  • 2nd place Carolina cup APP sprints
  • 2nd place Nordic wing foil championships


  • 1st place ISA junior world championships
  • 1st place U18 Euro tour overall
  • 1st place Euro tour Zandvoort
  • 2nd place battle of the bay
  • 4th place Red Bull heavy water
  • 1st Düsseldorf boat show – SUP short track  (Germany)
  • 1st X-ing the fjord (Denmark)


  • 1st Danish SUP tour men (Denmark)
  • 2nd Danish championships (Denmark)
  • 2nd SUP world cup (Germany)
  • 2nd Euro tour u18 (Europe)
  • 2nd Euro tour u18 Hossegor paddle games (France)
  • 2nd EM team placering (Italy)
  • 4th EM (Italy)
  • 6th VM Kina u18 (China)
  • 8th VM Kina long-distance men (China)
  • 12th VM Kina technical race men (China)
  • 3rd grom of the year awards (USA)
  • 4th Euro tour (Holland)
  • 6th Paris SUP OPEN (France)


  • 1st Euro tour u18 (Europe)
  • 4th Euro tour, SUP Armada (England)
  • 2nd Euro tour, Sieravouri SUP masters (Finland)
  • 5th European champs, technical race (Portugal)
  • 2nd X-ing the fjord men (Denmark)
  • 2nd Danish champs, beach race (Denmark)
  • 13th RedBull heavy water, California (USA)
  • 3rd Pacific paddle games, junior pro division, California (USA)
  • 7th ISA world Cup, team competition (Denmark)
Christian Andersen - Denmark