Tuning Shims

Most hydrofoils in the market are set to a single AOA (angle of attack) at the back wing, usually varying between one- and three degrees. The Airwave is different, as it comes with three precision tuning shims, allowing the rider to adjust the AOA of the back wing to customize the balance between lift, speed, stability and turning.

Switching to the 1° shim (silver) gives less lift, is harder to pump but generates the least amount of drag, making it the one with the most speed potential of your tuning shims.

The 2° shim (orange) is the most neutral of the tuning shims, consider it the baseline we design all our foils to and your the best place to start with. Like in regular surfing, each shim has its own feel and performance characteristics. Since a hydrofoil moves on three axis, instead of the conventional two, we recommend you experiment as your skills develop.

The 3° shim (black) allows for pumping with maximum efficiency, but at higher it generates a serious amount of lift, requiring you to continuously counteract by applying front foot pressure. Needless to say, all that lift also generates more drag.


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3D-printed 2° shim



The Airwave can be used with the optional 85 Fuselage which is perfect for foilers wanting to go wind- and kitesurfing. This extra long fuselage is supplied with a unique and neutral 3D-printed shim.

The 85 fuselage will accommodate the standard supplied shims as well, but they are a little narrow, as the Fuselage 85 tip (tail) is a fraction wider.

Tuning Shim Performance Chart

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