High-pressure Double Action Mini Pump

  • High-pressure 29psi
  • High airflow piston for easier inflation
  • Switch tab from single to double action
  • Inflate/deflate
  • Double/Single actions: during the 1st phase of the inflation use double-action higher value, and switch to a single action.
  • Pressure gauge on the handle
  • Aluminum plunger shaft
  • Medium volume 2*1500cc.
  • Foldable base, the handle can be disassembled, save space, and easy to pack

This is a Fireball-only accessory

The High-pressure double action mini pump is designed for the Fireball Airwing, set up for the Halkey Roberts valves on both the strut and leading edge.

The original NSP Airwing works with the Airwing Hand Pump, which uses a Boston high-volume valve and comes with an adapter.

High-Pressure Double Action Mini Pump Equipped with :

  • Adaptors
  • 1.25m high-quality hose (LDPE + EVA), Ø20mm


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