Performance Race FSL

The all-new NSP Performance Race FSL delivers exceptional performance gains, further bridging the gap between the hydrodynamics of the Pro Carbon and inflatable series.

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Performance Race FSL – Bridging the gap

In a world where it is not always practical to travel and store a 14ft Pro Carbon race board, the NSP Race division delivers its Performance Race FSL (Fusion Light) series of inflatable SUP.

For athletes on the move, the NSP Race division designs and builds the Performance Race FSL (Fusion Light) series of inflatable Race SUPs.

We are stoked to introduce the Performance Race FSL which features an additional chamber in front of the standing area emulating the volume in the nose of our world title winning race boards. This not only helps reduce the water from entering the standing zone but also assist the nose to resurface without flutter maximising speed and efficiency to maintain high-speed paddling.

Built in premium inflatable FSL technology, these racing machines come in four sizes and come with a high-pressure double-action pump – no easier way to get your Performance Race FSL up to the recommended 15-18 PSI.

In combination with the Air7 V3 fin box, athletes paddling their Performance Race FSL are experiencing significantly less drag than conventional inflatable fin systems. Learn more about the revolutionary Air7 V3 fin system or download its manual here.

Pro Carbon alternatives

NSP has one of the most successful racing programs in the industry, and our dedicated race board division is a collection of high-performance and uncompromising winning machines.

The Molokai Unlimited Pro Carbon is for no-holds-barred channel crossings and other monumental downwind races. The Ninja Pro Carbon for wicked flatwater performance. The Sonic Pro Carbon is a recessed allrounder, suitable for open water and the Puma Pro carbon is a flat-deck equivalent. The Carolina Pro Carbon is our greatest allrounder race board, winning different events both locally and on different international tours.


Accessories Included

  • High Capacity Double action pump

    High-capacity double action pump

  • Premium Backpack with wheels

  • 9” hybrid fin

Size Chart

LengthWidthThicknessVolumeWeight +/- 5%
12'6"25"6"290 Liters7.7 Kg (total weight 14.59 Kg)
14'0"23"6"308 Liters7.7 Kg (total weight 13.45 Kg)
14'0"25"6"325 Liters7.8 Kg (total weight 14.69 Kg)
14'0"27"6"340 Liters8.8 Kg (total weight 15.69 Kg)


Performance Race FSL Construction details

• Fusion Fusion-reinforced double-layer glueless pre-lamination combined with the new machine-woven drop stitch. Compared to traditional knitted drop stitches, the fibers of the new machine-woven drop stitch are stiffer and thus the number of fibers per square meter can be reduced. This allows an average weight reduction of 1.5 kg, while the board is also stiffer, less bouncy and allows for faster acceleration.

• Double-chambered design for improved efficiency.

• Double-layer rail construction with double sealing rail band.

• The low-profile Air7 V3 fin box system creates less drag while racing and allows for easy board roll-up while not in use.

• 2” Standard mount D-rings for PFD attachment on the tail.

• Thermoformed EVA Deck pad for durability, grip and comfort

Performance Race FSL in the news

TotalSUP interviews Christian about the NSP Performance Race FSL

“There are a few reasons why I decided to use my inflatable race board for the event. First of all, it was tricky for me to ship a hard race board to India for the event and I was short on time because it was a last-minute decision for me to go to India.”

“This was my first international race on an inflatable board and I was surprised at how well it performed”

“I had some great qualifying heats, I was focusing on having fun and didn’t put too much pressure on myself. With each heat, I was getting more and more comfortable on the inflatable.”

Read the full article – courtesy of TotalSUP

Christian prepping his NSP Performance Race FSL - picture by @TheShutterstock

Performance Race FSL Action

Performance Race FSL Detail pictures

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