MFC Footstraps

For applying more power, that bonded feeling between your feet and the board, and edging as hard as you can, straps can really help your foiling. Not looking to reinvent the wheel, we partnered up with MFC Hawaii for their proven footstrap technology. Sold 1 per package.

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MFC footstrap features:

> 7mm neoprene padding
> Internal adjustment system
> Double velcro adjustment for a secure fit
> Stepless adjustment for the perfect fit
> Single insert design for NSP compatibility
> Tremendously comfortable
> Bootsie- and wetsuit compatible
> Friction-resistant washers prevent rotation


This latest MFC Footstrap is made from robust PVC with rounded edges for extra comfort. The variable adjustment is made possible by double velcro straps, covered with neoprene fabric.



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MFC Footstraps

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