Premium Raceboard bag

NSP’s Premium Raceboard Bag is a worthwhile investment if you leave your raceboard in the hands of transportation companies. We’re sure you spent a great deal of time and resources to acquire that nice-looking, fast, race board, now be sure to protect it and show off your racing colours with the well-built, padded premium race board bag.

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Premium Raceboard Bag Design

  • Durable race bag
  • 4mm padding with extra protection zones in the nose and tail
  • Sidewalls reinforced with 600D
  • Mesh air vent
  • Lockable heavy-duty zipper
  • Carry handles on the tail, side, and top
  • Velcro fin slot
  • 2x compression straps

NSP Ninja Pro Carbon
NSP Sonic Pro Carbon
NSP Puma Pro Carbon
NSP Carolina Pro Carbon
NSP Molokai Unlimited Pro Carbon



The Premium Raceboard bag is designed for the NSP race program

Working closely together with professional athletes, recreational paddlers, and everything in between, we understand the needs of stand-up paddleboard enthusiasts. Being competitive is not just about training; arriving at the starting line with a board that isn’t damaged or destroyed is a basic requirement.

That is why we designed the Premium Raceboard Bag. High-performance raceboards are more fragile than our regular raceboards as lightweight construction will always come at a price. In order to ensure the maximum amount of protection as possible, our bags have been tried, tested, improved, and modified until our elite racing team approved its specs and dimensions.

Board Bag Features

Bag details

Bag Name Dimensions Designed for
Premium Race 14'447 x 77 cm14' Ninja/Sonic/Puma/Carolina
Premium Race Molokai564 x 79 cmMolokai 17'10 and 17'2

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