The Kingpin is the next evolution of Surf Foil boards.

After numerous R&D cycles, the foiling product team is excited to present one of the most functional and progressive surf foil boards on the market today.

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The full volume pointed round nose features a deep double concave hydro hull transitioning to a flat rocker through the middle and tail. This is complimented by a full chined rail and cutaway round tail, reducing surface area and promoting early release. This combination of concaves, rockers, rail chines, and cutaway tail release faster without drag for a super smooth take-off and easily handles touchdowns.

The concave deck is comfortable to paddle and ultra-responsive to rider input. Combined with a new deck pad and the option of footstraps, the Kingpin will be an integral part of the NSP Foil range.

Kingpin Design:

• The volume distribution is concentrated around the chest area to give surfers a perfect platform for paddling into waves.
• Deep double concave Hydro Hull nose. Chined rails and tail cutaway for maximum paddle speed and release on take-off and touchdowns.
• Flat rocker through the middle and tail with relief from the tail cutaway to kick the tail early to get onto the foil.
• Thermoformed EVA tail pad with arch bar, side kick, and pronounced tail kick and side wedges.
• Twin track foil tuning guide.

The NSP Kingpin is an Alain Teurquetil design.

High-Performance accessories by NSP

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Size Chart

LengthWidthThicknessVolumeWeight +/- 5%
4'4"19"3 ³/¹⁶"32 Liters3.66kg (EST)
4'8"20"3 ³/¹⁶"36.5 Liters3.96kg (EST)
5'2"21"3 ³/¹⁶"41.5 Liters4.27kg (EST)
5'6"22"3 ³/¹⁶"46.5 Liters4.62kg (EST)


Additional Information

The concave deck is comfortable to paddle and ultra-responsive to rider input. Combined with a new deck pad and the option of foot straps, the Kingpin will be an integral part of the NSP Foil range.

Kingpin Construction

Kingpin Construction

• Leash plug
• Compact shape for pumping.
• Beveled rails for quick water release and bounce backs.
• Single rear foot strap and double front strap options.
• Tail kick pad – added leverage to help lift the foil out of the water, reducing the tail touching the water when pumping and turning.
• Narrow nose outline for faster paddling, pushing through waves, and easy quick turns.
• Medium nose kicker prevents the board from pearling and with enough curve to recover from touch-downs.
• Hydro hull is a combination of increased “V”, subtle double concave, and double-edged chine rails.
• 10” US box reinforced twin tracks for a fully adjustable setup, made easier to remember with the scale printed on the board.
• Mounting tracks embedded in high-density closed-cell PVC blocks.
• Hybrid SLX Carbon construction – lightweight construction for stiffness, maneuverability, and glide.

2023 Foil Construction Kingpin

Kingpin Board Profile

Kingpin Board Profile

Kingpin Video

Kingpin Features

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    Bag details

    Bag NameDimensionsDesigned for
    Foil Day Bag 4'8" 8mm157 x 64 cm4'4" and 4'8"
    Foil Day Bag 5'6" 8mm179 x 67 cm5'2" and 5'6"
    Foil Travel bag 4'8" 8mm157 x 64 cm4'4" and 4'8"
    Foil Travel bag 5'6" 8mm179 x 67 cm5'2" and 5'6"

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