Molokai Carbon Steering

The NSP Carbon Steering Rudder was developed to win unlimited races at all costs, the new Molokai Unlimited comes with a carbon race rudder. Designed by Trent Pedersen, this performance rudder remains in the selected position, unless foot pressure is applied. Racers can set the steering sensitivity to their exact needs and emergency adjustments can always be made on the water.

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Carbon Steering Specs:

  • 100% Carbon frame, steering arm, rod and tension rod
  • 100% Serviceable
  • 316 Stainless Steel parts with brass inserts for dedicated marine application
  • Ambidextrous for regular and goofy racers
  • Suits both the flat deck version and the dugout Molokai shapes




Additional Information

Athletes comfortable with extreme downwinders are all too familiar with the strong currents on high seas, especially between islands. To neutralize the constant forces on their boards, a lot of long-distance racers spoke about their need for an NSP rudder for their Molokai Unlimited boards. After several trials in channel crossings and long-distance downwinders, a series of prototypes gradually evolved into the Molokai Carbon Race rudder. This piece of equipment is another product of the highly successful NSP racing team, and today, it is available to anyone.

Retrofit your Molokai
Retrofitted any Molokai with a carbon race rudder for unlimited performance; talk to your dealer to order a package now.

Carbon Steering Features


Travis NSP Molokai channel crossing

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