Airwave Foil Screws

All Airwave Foil screws are included in your Airwave Hydrofoil kit, right then and there out of the box with all the necessary hardware to get you on the water quickly. In the unlikely event that you should you find yourself needing replacement parts, NSP has a full range of Airwave nuts and bolts to safely secure your foil to your board, your wing to the fuselage, the mast to the mounting plate, etc.


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Foil screws – Rear Wing kit

M6 x 18- 2pcs – Mounts your rear wing to the fuselage.

Foil screws – Front Wing kit

Mount your Front wing to the fuselage with three high-grade stainless steel M8 x 30 bolts.

Foil screws – Mounting plate kit

Four high-grade stainless steel bolts with M8 countersunk Torx® screws will take the required torque to secure your foil to the board without stripping. Corrosion resistant nuts, sourced for marine applications, allow tuning of your setup as you slide them up or down the twin rack mount.

Foil screws – Mast kit

M6 long countersunk Torx® screws mount your Airwave mast to the fuselage and mounting plate. Mount your Front wing to the fuselage with six high-grade stainless steel bolts.

Torx® Allen Key T30/T40 Kit – 2 pcs

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