Wing Foil FS

The Wing Foil FS is the ultimate compact wing-foiling travelling companion! Our dedicated SUP- and Wing foil board with a tiny footprint

Without sacrificing performance and stability, the all-new NSP Wing Foil inflatable board rolls up into a backpack, making storage and logistics convenient.

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The design concept comes from our well-known composite foil boards and has been tested with the same rigour, intensity, and detail that our team gives to every board put into production. Built with a 5” drop-stitch, reinforced double-layer glueless pre-lamination, double-layer rail band, and a full carbon pre-preg foil mounting plate, the NSP Wing Foil board is extremely durable and rigid. Equipped with foot strap inserts, this board is all you need to travel, get airs, and have a whole lot of fun.

NSP Wing Foil FS Design:

• Rounded square tail for increased stability
• Fusion reinforced double layer glueless pre-lamination
• Double layer rail construction with double sealing rail band
• Thermoformed diamond grooved EVA deckpad with kicktail
• M5 footstrap V-shaped inserts to attach footstraps for winging
• Highly rigid carbon foil mounting plate with 10” twin track
• Double action pump
• Premium dual compartment backpack with wheels
• 3 adjustable NSP footstraps
• Neoprene-padded carry-handle


Accessories Included

  • NSP Footstrap Set

    3x NSP footstraps

  • Premium dual-compartment bag w. wheels

  • High capacity Double action pump

    High-capacity Double action pump

Size Chart

LengthWidthThicknessVolumeWeight +/- 5%
5'10"27 ¹/²"5"125 Liters7.40 Kg (total weight 15.5 Kg)


Additional Information

For a minimal footprint, the NSP Wing foil can be stowed away and inflated until you are ready to fly. The FS construction in combination with the carbon mounting plate is perfect for this application as it provides the most rigid inflatable structure possible.

Riders on-the-go or anyone with very little storage space will appreciate the small footprint this foil board occupies compared to more conventional foiling setups.

O² Wing Foil FS

NSP Wing Foil FS Construction

Wing Foil FS Construction

• Fusion reinforced double layer glueless pre-lamination
• 3x NSP foot straps
• Neoprene paddle holder on tail
• D-rings on tail for leash mounting
• Square groove thermoformed deck pad for extra grip
• M5 footstrap V-shaped inserts to attach footstraps
• Recommended pressure 15 PSI

NSP Wing Foil FS Features

Wing Foil FS Action

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