Foil Travel Bag 8mm

The NSP foil travel bag is designed for the NSP Foiling surf and SUP line-up, leaving room for a mounted mast through a velcro fin slot, and providing a snug fit around the rail and shape of your board. Disassembled, the detachable shoulder straps allow you to easily carry your board around, while you use both hands to perform other tasks.

8mm Padding makes the travel bag perfect for longer surf trips and luggage transfers. A reinforced tail section helps to protect the most vulnerable parts of your board while in transit. So whether it is an accidental drop or an overzealous airline freight handler, your gear is going to be fine!

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-Travel bag 8mm
-Durable 8mm padded bag Polysack inside and out and 600D reinforcement at the tail
-Ideal for travel with name tag slot
-Carry handle
-Detachable padded shoulder strap
-Rust-proof hardware
-Fin slot



Travel Bag Features

Why get a foil travel bag?

Outside of the water, your foil board is in its most fragile state. UV rays, the occasional nudge by people using the same storage, temperature changes, the list goes on and on, and we recommend some moderate protection like a sock, a cover or a day bag.

If you are flying with your gear, chances are your equipment will be handled by up to twenty different people on a single flight. Minimizing the damage potential to your equipment is essential to get the most out of your trip. Which is why you should invest in a bag designed for travel,  to cover up your foil board, its rails and vulnerable nose and tail.

Riders looking for a simple bag that keeps out UV rays and separates your board from the rest of the luggage in your trunk ought to look into the Foil Day Bag by NSP.

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    Bag details

    Bag NameDimensionsDesigned for
    Foil Travel bag 4'8" 8mm (Surf)157 x 64 cm4'2" / 4'8"
    Foil Travel bag 5'6" 8mm (Surf)179 x 67 cm5'2" / 5'6"
    Foil Travel Bag 5’10" 8mm (SUP)195 x 79 cm5'6" / 5'10"
    Foil Travel bag 6'10" 8mm (SUP)220 x 84 cm6'1" / 6'6" / 6'10"
    Foil Travel bag 7'6" 8mm (SUP)240 x 90 cm7'6"

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