Foil Day Bag 4mm

The NSP foil day bag is designed for the surf and SUP  NSP Foiling line-up, leaving room for a mounted mast through a velcro fin slot, and providing a good fit around the rail and shape of your board. Disassembled, the detachable shoulder straps allow you to easily carry your board around, while you use both hands to perform other tasks.

Designed specifically for the foil boards, the NSP foil day bag provides a snug fit, allowing you to keep your board safe at all times. Protect your investment!

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– 4mm travel bags
– Heat and water resistant Polysack
– Carry handle
– Detachable padded shoulder straps
– Velcro fin slot



Day Bag features

Why get a foil day bag?

Outside of the water, your foil board is in its most fragile state. UV rays, the occasional nudge by people using your storage, temperature changes, the list goes on and on.

By covering up your foil board with a foil day bag, you eliminate the possibility of scratches, prolonged exposure to UV rays and some dings may not have happened if your board was covered up too.

If you are looking for a little more protection, consider the Foil Travel Bag by NSP.

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    Bag details

    Bag Name Dimensions Designed for
    Foil Day Bag 4'8" 8mm157 x 64 cm4'2" / 4'8"
    Foil Day Bag 5'6" 8mm179 x 67 cm 5'2" / 5'6"
    Foil Day Bag 5'10" 8mm195 x 79 cm5'6" / 5'10"
    Foil Day Bag 6'10" 8mm220 x 84 cm6'1" / 6'6" / 6'10"
    Foil Day Bag 7'6" 8mm240 x 90 cm7'6"

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