Board Sock

The board sock is the most lightweight board protection option. A board sock mainly serves to protect your board from scratches, sun damage, and minor dings. So if your board(s) never ride on top of the car and they don’t get too much sun exposure then these are a great option!

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  • Lightweight, stretchy and soft material adapts to the shape of your board
  • Extra protection for the nose, as this is usually the most vulnerable part of the board.
  • Available in 8 sizes and two different shapes for both longboards, mid-length and shortboards in the NSP range

Why use a board sock?

Well usually, the more high-performance your board is, the more fragile it is as well. Anyone who regularly drives their equipment to the beach knows. Being able to load your board in the back of your car is a luxury, but a board sock makes all the difference.


Board sock vs board bag

Immediate advantages of the board sock is that they are light and easy to stash. You can wash them like regular laundry, and in terms of ventilation (getting rid of excess moisture), they are the best too. Day bags and travel bags offer more protection but simply aren’t as easy to handle. Plus, when bags do not have ventilation they tend to collect a lot of moisture, mold and dirt over time.

Disadvantages of the socks are its limited protection. By no means should you travel with a board sock and expect to get away from your adventure with a pristine board! Getting your board in or out of a sock may take some practice. We have seen the occasional drop on concrete by careless individuals, but essentially, a board sock is a great way to get your surfboard from A to B in a protected environment. Separate your equipment from the rest of the cargo and avoid scratches and mild dings.

Board socks also protect your board from the sun and avoid getting wax, sand and water in your car. Anyone familiar with a roofrack stained with excess wax will also appreciate the separating qualities of the NSP board socks. But as stated previously, they do not protect your boards from impact. Anyone going on a serious surfari and looking to protect their boards in the best possible way should look into a board sock/8mm travel bag combo. Layers are always good, but once you arrive at your destination, you will have the option to bring your board to the beach with your board sock.

Triple board bag owners going the extra mile are well-advised to use a board sock as well, especially when other cargo finds its way into your board bag, sliding around during transit, potentially running the finish of your cherished boards. Seasoned surf travelers already know that a combination of sturdy board bags, board socks for your finish and finally, some reusable isolation foam (those strips plumbers use, or bubble wrap) for your rails make ideal travel partners.

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    Bag details

    Bag NameDimensionsDesigned for
    6'6" Pointy6'6” x stretchyShortboards
    7'0" Pointy7'0” x stretchyShortboards & mid-length
    7'6" Round nose7'6” x stretchyMid-length
    8'0" Round nose8'0” x stretchyLongboards
    8'6" Round nose8'6” x stretchyLongboards
    9'0" Round nose9'0” x stretchyLongboards
    9'6" Round nose9'6” x stretchyLongboards
    10'0" Round nose10'0” x stretchyLongboards

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