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Feel free to contact us about product inquiries, product-related information or anything else you’d like to pint out to us. Note that for dealer inquiries, we built a separate page with all our dealers, schools, distributors and race centers.

Ding repair

Riders looking to repair a ding should click here.

What color is my board?

If you are looking for the exact colour codes of your NSP product for a touch-up, please click here.

Warranty issues

If you found a flaw or issue on your NSP product that shouldn’t be and you want to file a claim, please talk to the shop you purchased the board from first, and make sure you have receipt. If that does not apply, please talk to your National Distributor, you can find your distributor here.
These companies are familiar with our products, the credit note procedures and our warranty policies like no other.

If you wish to contact us directly however, please note that NSP’s responsibility is limited to repair or replacement of the defective product. Neither NSP nor any of its representatives will be responsible for any losses or damages incurred as a result of loss, or use of product.

You can access our warranty procedure on this page.

board or it performs iders looking to repair a ding should click here.

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    For Australia, contact our AUS DISTRIBUTOR.
    For Europe, contact our EU DISTRIBUTOR
    For the UK, contact our UK DISTRIBUTOR.

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