Leash SUP / Surf (ankle)

The ultimate combination of strength, stretch, and elasticity. This leash is ideal for all conditions.

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Leash Design:

  • High-quality urethane
  • Cord diameter 7mm / 1/4″
  • Double stainless steel swivels
  • Double-layer neoprene strap
  • Triple wrap rail saver
  • Integrated key pocket

Length — Diameter

  • 6′ — 7 mm
  • 8­’ — 7 mm
  • 9′ – 9 mm
  • 10′ – 9mm

Note: Waist Leash is also available!



Colour Options

What are swivels for?

When you get washed, it is not uncommon to be rolled underwater, and get tangled up.
By adding two swivels, you avoid getting tangled up. So when you surface you are ready to paddle from the get-go.

Surf Leash 2021, SUP Leash Black 2022 and Surf Leash Blue 2022
OG SurfSurf BlackSurf Blue

What’s a rail saver for?

Getting washed will often involve the ocean applying unusual forces to your equipment. In this situation, the rails around the leash plug of your board are especially vulnerable to a ding or crack. By adding a (wider) railsaver, the pressure on your board is spread more evenly, saving your rails in the process.

How to put on your leash


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