Raceboard Day Bag (4mm)

– Heat and water resistant Polysack
– Carry handle
– Detachable padded shoulder straps
– Velcro fin slot

Suitable for: NSP Puma Pro Carbon (12’6″ only)

A sturdier bag in the same size is available too, perfect for longer travel periods.
Racers looking to protect their 14′ or Molokai are well-served with the Premium Raceboard bag.

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Protect your gear with a Raceboard Day Bag

Raceboards are high-performance, ultra-lightweight designs. Uncompromised in their construction, they are extremely fast and will perform in extreme conditions. But improper use has the potential to damage your equipment and during transportation, the changes of dinging your high-performance raceboard increase by factor ten.

A day bag protects your investment from all kinds of abuse. Whether it’s being tied down on a roof rack, the occasional impact or an accidental drop – better be safe than sorry!

Raceboard Day Bag features

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