Surf day bag 4mm

The NSP Surf day bag 4mm is perfect for those looking for a day bag to carry their board(s) to the beach. The Surf day bag is the ideal companion for keeping your boards ding-free during your travels.

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4mm is great for shorter trips to your local spot when you still want to make sure the sand and wax is separated from your car’s interior. Besides, having that extra UV protection when your car spends a considerable amount in the sun is really going to help the durability of your quiver.


  • 4mm closed cell protection
  • Heat and water resistant poly sack material inside and out
  • Carry handle
  • Detachable padded shoulder strap
  • Rust-proof hardware
  • Fin slot available only for Surf Day Bag 8’6″ onwards



Surf Day Bag Features

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    Bag details

    Bag Name Dimensions Designed for
    Surf Day 6'0" 4mm191 x 62 cm5’6” / 6’0”
    Surf Day 7'0" 4mm218 x 66 cm6'2” / 6'4” / 6'6” / 6'8”/ 7'0”
    Surf Day 7'4" 4mm229 x 68 cm7'2” / 7'4”
    Surf Day 7'10" 4mm249 x 68 cm7'6” / 7'10”
    Surf Day 8'6" 4mm270 x 68 cm8’0”/ 8'2”/ 8’4”/ 8'6”
    Surf Day 9'6" 4mm298 x 70 cm9’0”/ 9'2” / 9'6”
    Surf Day 10' 4mm317 x 74 cm9'8 / 10'
    Surf Day 11'0" 4mm348 x 78 cm10'2” / 11'0”

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