Cheetah Pro Carbon

Imagine the fastest boards in the NSP race board range, pressed into one – this is the NSP Cheetah Pro Carbon. Tweaked, adjusted and tested through several development cycles, the R&D Team aimed for a perfect Sprint Racer.

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In just 1 month’s time, the NSP Cheetah has already racked up 1ˢᵗ place and three 2ⁿᵈ place finishes at the ISA and European Championships. After two years of continuous testing and improving, the release of the NSP Cheetah aligns perfectly with the recent rise in short-format racing, requiring running starts, flat water sprints and a higher amount of buoy turns.

The Cheetah will be released as a 14-foot racer only, with two high-speed widths – there is a 21″ with 231 Liters and the 22 ¹/²” which has a volume of 241 Liters. For a limited time only, the NSP Cheetah is available in two colour schemes; Blue and Magenta.

Designed by Alain Teurquetil and the International Racing Team, NSP is excited to compete on the most race-focused design to date.

Cheetah Pro Carbon Design:

The Cheetah boards feature a refined outline paired with a shallow, recessed cockpit, which is moved forward to increase instant speed while being easy to jump on during race starts. It does not replace the Ninja, Puma or Carolina, providing the edge for the fastest athletes who love this racing format instead.

Cheetah Pro Carbon Fins:

Our world-class Surf Race 20 is the more appropriate fin for beach racing, buoy racing and the ability to pull off consistent kick turns in the middle of a race or in Travis Grant’s words; “It’s the fin better suited for turning and surfing.”


Accessories Included

  • Surf Race 20

  • 2+1 Handles

Size Chart

LengthWidthThicknessVolumeWeight +/- 5%
14'0"21"Flat deck231 Liters10.55 Kg
14'0"22 ¹/²''Flat deck241 Liters10.94 Kg


Colour options


Pro Carbon Technology

Cheetah Pro Carbon construction diagram

Certainly not for the faint-hearted, NSP’s newest high-octane Sprint Technical board has arrived!


– Pro Carbon Construction
– Shallow dugout for comfort and stability
– Short-format outline design
– Less width for increased speed
– PVC-reinforced desk
– Carbon Innegra™ reinforcement for impact protection around the rail lip, the nose and tail
– Two short side handles and one long center handle for easy handling and transport


By using Innegra™ Carbon for the rail lips in favour of “conventional” biaxial carbon, one of the most ding-prone areas on any race board is drastically reinforced without weight penalties.

Ding resistance, durability and damage tolerance all increase, protecting your equipment in the hectic environment that is close-quarter racing.

Pro Carbon Ninja
Pro Carbon Ninja

Cheetah Pro Carbon Video

Cheetah Pro Carbon Gallery

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    Premium Raceboard bag 14'447 x 77 cmAll NSP Cheetah

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