Cruise CocoFlax

Paddling on the Cruise CocoFlax , gently crossing a quiet body of water is the essence of the stand-up paddling experience. We’ve found that most SUP athletes covered their first meters on an NSP Cruise at some point. Its forgiving shape and universal accessibility make it a worldwide favorite.

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CocoFlax Cruise Design

• The NSP Cruise is the most popular shape in the SUP range and currently one of the most popular boards in the world by a mile.

• Suitable for riders of all sizes and skill levels.

• Features a wider nose and rounded square tail, which creates a stable platform for easy turns.

• The bottom of the Cruise has a double concave with a single fin, helping gliding characteristics, making the Cruise a board that works both on flat water and in small waves.

Single fin setup

Supplied with our CocoMat 8″ fin, the Cruise has that classic setup, ideal for long and drawn-out power turns. For flat water paddling, a single fin will outperform a multi-fin setup as well.


Accessories Included

  • Cocomat Fin

    CocoMat 8" center fin

Size Chart

LengthWidthThicknessVolumeWeight +/- 5%
9'8"32"4 ⁵/⁸"166.2 Liters9.34 Kg
10'2"32"4 ⁷/⁸"205.4 Liters10.66 Kg
11'031"4 ¹/⁴"190 Liters10.47 Kg
11'6"33"4 ³/⁴"223.9 Liters11.58 Kg


Cruise CocoFlax Color Options

Cruise Cocoflax Flax Blue 2021, Flax Natural 2022 and Flax Blue 2022
Flax BlueFlax NaturalFlax Blue

Additional Information

Like the Cruise CocoFlax, all NSP CocoFlax boards are built with the environment in mind, meaning the CocoFlax version of the Cruise SUPs are some of the most eco-friendly boards on the market. By using a variety of green and renewable resources from farms in our area, CocoFlax construction embodies our commitment to recycling and sustainable manufacturing.

Plus, the eco-friendly construction makes for a visually unique board with an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio. Your Cruise CocoFlax is light to carry, easy to maneuver and a breeze to paddle. Its responsive flex and strength instil confidence, inviting you to push the envelope and progress while you play.

9’8″ tail shape

While the smallest Cruise CocoFlax (9’8) has a rounded tail (pictured below) which helps maneuverability, the bigger sizes benefit from a squashed tail for a slightly quicker release. After testing the different shapes, we found that the round tail is more responsive on the smaller 9’8″. It didn’t scale up to the 10’2″ upwards though, so adding the squashed tail works better for the bigger boards in the range, as it releases better.

NSP CocoFlax Cruise with the round tail for the 9'8"
NSP CocoFlax Cruise with the round tail for the 9'8"

Cruise CocoFlax Construction

Amazingly light, yet strong, high-end eco-friendly performance boards featuring natural Flax rails. Recognized and awarded at the German Paddle Expo as “Product of the Year”. NSP boards with the CocoFlax label are manufactured with more sustainable materials, sourced from responsible supply chains, and made by board builders with improved manufacturing processes, minimizing waste wherever possible.

In 2019, NSP introduces uni-directional (UD) Flax fiber rails to its (already) eco-friendly CocoMat series. Flax is a highly durable and naturally reinforced fiber that allows a board construction with significantly less fiberglass, which reduces our overall carbon footprint.

To read more about NSP and sustainability, click here.

– Natural Flax fiber rail and tail patch – Visually unique board with an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio. – Light to carry, easy to maneuver, and even lighter to paddle. – Responsive flex and strength enable you to push your limits.

2022 CocoFlax SUP Construction

Cruise Profile

Cruise CocoFlax Features

Cruise CocoFlax Action

Cruise CocoFlax Testimonials

SUPConnect features a review on an earlier version of the NSP Cocoflax Cruise, and Gearjunkie has an in-depth analysis of the sustainable aspects and its benefits when you purchase a board in Cocoflax construction.

Cruise CocoFlax Video

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    Bag details

    Bag NameDimensionsDesigned for
    SUP day bag 9'8" 4mm304 x 95 cm9'8"
    SUP day bag 10'2" 4mm327 x 96 cm10'2"
    SUP day bag 11'0" 4mm347 x 98 cm11'0”
    SUP day bag 11'6" 4mm360 x 99 cm11'6"
    SUP travel bag 9'8" 8mm304 x 95 cm9'8"
    SUP travel bag 10'2" 8mm327 x 96 cm10'2"
    SUP travel bag 11'0" 8mm347 x 98 cm11'0”
    SUP travel bag 11'6" 8mm360 x 99 cm11'6"

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