Four advantages of racing dugout boards – Technique with Titouan

Technique with Tituoan

When a competitive edge can make the difference between a 1st or 2nd place on the podium, athletes usually take notice. In SUP racing, a dugout offers an interesting range of advantages over more conventional shapes, allowing a Ninja, Sonic or Carolina more glide, a more efficient paddle stroke and an overall more stable feel despite a leaner (faster!) shape. Even the Molokai, our dedicated and unlimited downwind board is available with a recessed deck.

But let Titouan explain:

Titouan explains the advantages of dugout shapes

Main Takeaways from this episode


A lower centre of gravity allows for more balance, giving a rider with a dugout increased stability.


The increased stability allows for a thinner and thus more efficient racing shape.


Being closer to the water changes the geometry of your paddle stroke, allowing for more leverage during the peak of your stroke.


The sidewalls of the dugout allow for a much higher banking angle and prevent you from sliding off the board.

About Titouan

Hailing from New Caledonia, Titouan is a French racer with a background in outrigger racing, just like Travis Grant. Winning the Carolina Cup twice has established Titouan as a force to be reckoned with on the International racing circuit.

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Video by: Taylor Johnson pics by Paddle League, EUROtour and Georgia Schofield