Race Handles

Lined with soft, high-quality neoprene, NSP Race Handles help you get in and out of the water, whether you are racing or simply carrying your NSP Race Board to the waterline.

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· Soft, high-quality 3mm neoprene outside
· Highly durable, webbed nylon inside
· Lightweight
· Screw covers prevent stacking damage and/or injuries
· All NSP Race Handles come with M6x25 screws and washers


Every NSP Pro Carbon Race Board comes with a set of NSP Race Handles, perfectly suited for your style of racing. And now they are available as after-market race board accessories as well from selected NSP dealers. The handles come in two sizes. You either have a center handle (long, 31.5cm) or a side handle (short, 28.5cm).

Configuration of the handles depends of the style of NSP Race board you are looking at; International NSP Team Rider Ty Judson explains more about this in the video lower down on the page.

Accessories Included

  • Race Handles Screw and washer

    M6x25 Self-tapping screws & washers


NSP Race Handles Video

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“Mid-race, I like to grab the Race Handles at the center instead of the nose, and just do a typical beach start during technical races. This protects my board instead of dragging it, and I get a faster getaway in addition to a proper start of my next lap”
Ty Judson

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