Splash Guard

Made from UV-resistant EVA, the NSP Splash Guard makes sure oncoming waves are deflected sideways instead of filing up your cockpit in rough conditions.

Designed with EVA cutouts, you can adapt the shape of your NSP Splash Guard to any recessed deck in the NSP racing line-up.

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· Constructed from tough, high-density EVA
· Lightweight
· Impact-resistant and durable
· Universal design – will fit any recessed board
· Velcro base allows quick removal and reinstallation
· Its 45-degree angle deflects water sideways
· 3M adhesive for the best possible bond to your board
· Also acts as a cushion when stacking your boards
· Mounts easily and securely
· Designed by Titouan Puyo and Alain Teurquetil


This product bonds to your race board with a layer of Velcro. The Velcro is attached to with high-quality 3M adhesive, making sure your Splash Guard is going to perform for years to come.

In addition to the Splash Guard, each package contains two velcro pads to enable easy switching between different NSP Raceboards.

Accessories Included

  • Splash Guard

    2X velcro base stickers



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“When you compete at the higher levels of Ocean Endurance racing, every variable you can change to your advantage counts, and having an ultra-light deflector of splash water makes all the difference.

And not just on open water. Races like Glagla can get chaotic, especially around the buoy area and having less ice-cold water sloshing around in your cockpit than the other athletes is going to pay off. You get to focus on the finish and conserving your energy as much as possible, while the splash water is directed away from your standing area, instead of collecting around your feet.”
Titouan Puyo

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