Paddy Boyum at GloGlo race

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Sweden, Paddy secures long-distance title at GløGlø in Malmo city centre

Leave it to the Swedish to do cold and harsh stuff in their spare time.


Just ahead of Alpine Lake Tours’ famous GlaGla Race, the Malmö Kanot Klubb have taken it on themselves to organize their own harsh winter race and call it GløGlø, which is a sound vaguely reminiscent of liquor being consumed at a very high pace. About fifty riders from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and even the UK came together to paddle it out.

Winners received perishable medals baked from cookie dough. So you know it’s legit!
Paddy secured the long-distance title with an average paddling speed of 9.6 kmh, while Linus Karlsson won the overall title after a very respectable season.

Paddy Gloglo race

Racing around two buoys in the Malmö canal right in the city centre provided ample entertainment for the locals doing their Christmas shopping.

Paddy raced his Ninja 22”

Racing a 22” made sense in these flat water conditions, The Ninja is my go-to board when paddling on flat water or in smaller chops. It cuts through water like nothing else – when I had to stop paddling because of low-hanging bridges, I simply had to duck down, maintaining tons of glide to appear on the other side, ready for more speed.

“This was the event that wrapped up the race season in Sweden. Super stoked to win the overall distance title for the 2021 SWEDISH SUP RACE SERIES. The race gathers people from both Sweden and abroad and is known for its humble atmosphere.”
Patrick Paddy Boyum

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Australia, Izzie wins 2021 Ryan Abdul Abdy Memorial

Ryan ‘Abdul’ Abdy was a local Maroochydore surfer, lifeguard, environmental advocate and volunteer for the Disabled Surfers Association who sadly passed away in February 2014 at the age of 40 following a battle with brain cancer.

In honor of his memory, Ryan has a beach access point where he was based named after him. And because his passing was felt throughout the community, the North Shore Boardriders Club dedicated a competition after their lifetime member too.

With a strong local presence, Izzie competed against lifelong friends and girls she has surfed with all her life:

“I have been competing since I was 12 with the same girls I am competing with now and I am 18. So you can imagine we all love to hang out but when he comes to a heat… it’s game on. Myself and Holly Williams have been best friends for years now and we are both very competitive.”

Izzi Caldow

“We were in different heats for the semi and she got first in the semi and so did I so the final was going to determine who was going to come out on top. It was a pretty hard final watching myself, Holly and two other girls go wave for wave. But I felt very confident with how I performed and just really in sync with my 5’6”. No one knew who won until the winner announcements, so when they called my name as first place I was over the moon!”

Conditions at Maroochydore
Waves were consistent all day and everyone got their share.

“This comp was a very special comp as if was a memorial comp for a legend Ryan Abdul who passed away. It was super special as all his family was there watching along side all his best mates. For me, taking the win at such a prestigious comp like that means the world to me and it boosts my confidence levels as well!”
Izzie Caldow

(note editor: A few hours before publishing this post Izzi picked up an additional sponsor as well with Rip Curl, so waves are being made. We’re so stoked for Izzi, proud to see her take the 1st after months of agonizing shoulder rehabilitation and can’t wait what 2022 is going to look like. First comp – Newcastle in March 2022)

Izzi’s board
At this point we can’t share the name or specific dims about the shape Izzi competed on. We can tell you it’s a PU though, designed by Carl Schaper and the board will be released as-is in

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France, Titouan conquers the 11th edition of the Nautic Paddle in the French Capital

Anyone who’s ever paddled through a city canal knows the deal. You completely rediscover a city you’ve known all your life, and when it comes to city canals, Paris and “La Seine” are as big as they get.

Organized by Nautic Festival SA for the Nautic Paris Boat Show, the 11th Nautic Paddle took place on December 5th.

The exceptional setting of the Seine River between the National Library of France and the Port de Javel Bas (the mooring area for cruise liners). With approximately one thousand paddlers, the field was populated with hardcore athletes and dedicated amateurs alike.

Check out the TotalSUP Livestream below for an impression of the atmosphere:

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With two routes to choose from, the “recreational” route, or “Leisure” course was 11 kilometers, as shown below:

…while the dedicated endurance paddlers could enter the second Route, the “Pro” division, consisting of 14 kilometers with an additional challenge, the rounding of the Île de la Cité and Île Saint-Louis. Do zoom in below to check out the course:

Titouan paddled his NSP Ninja Pro Carbon, a flat water weapon for on-shore racing. The Seine river can get a little choppy, especially with over a thousand paddlers and support boats going back and forth in the canal, but as long as a racer stays in front of the pack conditions remain fairly ideal for a Ninja.

Read more about the NSP Ninja Pro Carbon here.


Men Pro

1st Titouan Puyo
21st Vincent Guillaume



Women Pro
2nd Iona Rivet
6th Erica Revil
9th Virginie Samson

Spain, Fernando Pérez takes 1st place at Mediterraneo SUP race, Allicante

The Mediterraneo SUP Race in Allicante is an ever-growing event organized by the Parres Watersports stable for several years in a row now. The locals are always hungry and it came as no surprise that no less than 87 racers of the Parres club attended and 17 of them occupied podium real estate.

13 demanding kilometers

Fernando ran his best race and secured 1st place in the Elite class eventually.

Check the live feed below if you’re good with Spanish 😉

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Elite Men

1. Fernando Pérez
2. Rui Ramos
3. Iván de Frutos



Elite Women
1. Victoria Ryzhova
2. Zoe Remolina
3. Mar Bascuñana

“At the beginning there was a fair amount of chop at the starting line which made it difficult to get full traction and pull away. But when things settled down, I got a good 3 kilometers of flat water and my Ninja 21” performed well.”

“With an average paddle speed of 9.5kmh, I encountered solid cross-wind of 14kmh and the last kilometer of the race was full-on frontal.”

“Next up, I’ll be racing at GlaGla in January, hopefully with as many teamriders as possible.”

Read more about the NSP Ninja Pro Carbon here.

“I got a good 3 kilometers of flat water and my Ninja 21” performed well. Going hard on the flat section and breaking away is what worked best this race. I was able to preserve my lead and maintain 1st out of 230 paddlers.”
Fernando Pérez Serra

France, Titouan takes 1st place at the scenic Ardeche downstreamer

On November 13, Titouan Puyo competed at Marathon International des Gorges de

Ardèche. For those who don’t know – it is a gorgeous (see what we did there?) event where participants race through a scenic landscape in France’s Southern Ardeche department.

With the river cutting a dramatic canyon through the limestone, the race is popular amongst Endurance Athletes looking to test themselves.

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1. Titouan Puyo
2. Bruno Hasulyo
3. Michael Fargier
4. Xavi Marina
1. Fanny Tessier
2. Emmanuelle Marcon
3. Laurence Kress
4. Laurie Montagner

Inflatable or hardboard?
With several athletes opting for inflatables and shorter fins that seem to make a lot of sense for the white-water sections, Titouan picked his 20” Ninja.

Apart from the stand-up paddlers, canoers and outriggers participate as well, with over a thousand paddlers in attendance.

Approximately 70 stand-up paddlers participated but, in the end, it was Titouan who took first place in this two-hour flatwater race on his NSP Pro Carbon Ninja 20”.

Read more about the NSP Ninja Pro Carbon here.

“The board performed well, especially in the flattest sections of this race and we did occasionally come across some smaller white-water sections as well. The Ninja is now an approved downstream racer too.”
Titouan Puyo

Tomás Lacerda secures 1st in open division at Brisa Circuito Regional SUP Race

Never shy to compete at a local level, Tomás entered a regional SUP event. Powered by Brisa, this brand sponsors a lot of watersports activities in the region, which is always good to see.

This race is part of a local circuit and with one more race left on the agenda, it will be good to learn more about the rankings soon. In the Open Division, approximately 20 riders came to the starting line.

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Tomás raced his 23″ NSP Puma

Perfect for easy kick-turns, playing in the waves, and flat-decked racing, the Puma comes with a surf fin, unlike the other race boards in the line-up, making the NSP Puma the designated beach racer.


Read more about the NSP Puma Pro Carbon here.

“Such a fun race with a lot of young and powerful paddlers from the area. I love technical racing with waves and some turns in the waves. It was a perfect race for me.
Really nice beach start and a clean sprint to the first buoy. After that, I managed to keep the lead until the end.”
Tomás Lacerda

Virginie Samson races to 2nd place at Corsica Paddle Trophy

Organized by the local tourism board, the third edition of the Corsica Paddle Trophy was a three-day event where athletes competed in three different categories and put the limelight on breast cancer in the process.

Sponsored by NSP Europe, the whole event was laid back in between heats with massages, performances, and yoga workshops.

The race classes
In the Elite class, the athletes compete on an 18k course, the amateur class is 10k and the recreational course covers 4k. Paddlers participated in the last two races with inflatables and allrounders, whereas the Elite course was a raceboard-only affair.

Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean and while conditions can get wild when the local wind picks up, in the fall the water is generally flat with some (very) minor bumps or chops. Held in Ajaccio, the surroundings are beautiful and well-maintained with a tourist board eager to push for events like this, which is awesome!

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Virginie raced an NSP Ninja Pro Carbon at Corsica Paddle Trophy

“I raced my Ninja 14 x 22 and it shone on the flats while it cut through some of the wash & chop efficiently. I managed a second place in the Elite class which I’m super stoked about”
Virginie Samson


Read more about the NSP Ninja Pro Carbon here.


Top 3 Women Elite Class 

NameTotal time
Fanny Teyssier05:08:33
Virginie Samson05:34:00
Emmanuelle Marcon05:41:18


For the full results, simply click here.

Dan drove 4500km and raced 53 another to take 3rd at Chattajack 31

“I drove 45 hours from Calgary to Chattanooga… got out of the car and raced! This is a HUGE race in America with over 654 racers in 2021. The race is a 52.5 km race down the Tennessee River gorge in Chattanooga, Tennessee. There was very thick fog for the first hour of the race where you couldn’t see beyond the nose of the board. There was some headwind on the last third of the race when the heat/sun began to also beat down hard.”

“I lost my food at mile 22 when it fell out of my pocket, so I had to finish the last ten miles depleted and lost a few minutes to the eventual winner. It felt amazing to be on the podium at such a prestigious American event.”
Daniel Miller

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Dan raced an NSP Ninja Pro Carbon at Chattajack 31

“My Ninja is fantastic in flat water, I went solo the entire race as I lost
the first two racers in the fog and couldn’t catch up. The Ninja
slices through water like a knife through butter.”
Daniel Miller

Read more about the NSP Ninja Pro Carbon here.


Click Here for the full results

Chattajact31 Result
Result Set 14'SUP

Titouan wins long distance and technical at Alpine Paradise Race

Titouan Puyo became the French Long-Distance champion last weekend during another Long Distance event on the Île de Ré. It was the first National title of the season for T2, and like previous events, Caledonia was a force to be reckoned with on the men’s podium, this time with Noïc Garioud securing silver and Clément Colmas with bronze. This latest French Championship was organized by the Surf Club Rouvé and the French Surf Federation. Text grabbed from (French alert), do click for a full event report.

There’s a pretty good video by the French Surf Federation documenting the Long Distance race here.

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Titouan raced an NSP Carolina Pro Carbon at this event

The Carolina is the allround racer that is reduced in width yet incredibly stable, even in the most demanding conditions. Built for speed, the NSP Carolina comes with a single centered, neoprene handle placed on a balanced fixture point for ultra-fast beach starts and close-call finishes.

Read more about the NSP Carolina Pro Carbon here.


“It took one final race to clinch the National French Title this year – #stoked!”
Titouan Puyo


Long distance men (click here for full ranking)

1. Titouan Puyo
2. Noïc Garioud
3. Clément Colmas
4. Ludovic Teulade
5. Tom Auber

Long distance women (click here for full ranking)

1. Anaïs Guyomarch
2. Mélanie Lafenêtre
3. Fanny Tessier
4. Iona Rivet
5. Erica Revil

Mia Soares Silva & Tomás Lacerda take 1st place at SUP Douro Race

From SUPDourorace:
“Yesterday’s event was another testimony of the promotional power of the National Portuguese Surf Federation – we had several classes competing, amongst them the SUB 10, SUB 12, SUB 15, SUB 15 FEM, SUB 18, SUB 18 FEM, OPEN & OPEN FEM, with over80 athletes racing down the scenic waterline of Porto. If nothing else, this was a great promotion of the Gondomar region as well”

“Big shoutout to all athletes who competed and who made the 6km trek from the Praia de Marecos – Zebreiros to Praia de Marecos.”

With several courses set out, Mia & Verónica ran the 6km Queen event in the protected flat water section on the Duoro River, making it an ideal racing ground for the NSP Ninja. Tomás Lacerda ran the full 17km downwinder starting in the marina section of Porto and running all the way South on open water towards Praia de Aguda (Aguda Beach).

Additionally, Verónica raced the final day on her 20.5 Carolina to duke it out in the 14km downwinder. The weather changed though and what was supposed to be a smoother ride turned into a challenge with upwind conditions, crossing waves and a lot of rain and fog. Overall bad conditions for recreational paddling but superb for a Carolina in a National Endurance race. With an average speed of 7kmh Verónica took the win.

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Mia raced an NSP Ninja Pro Carbon at this year’s SUP Douro Race

Read more about the NSP Ninja Pro Carbon here.

“Couldn’t be happier with ending the season with a win ???? in the Women’s Open Queen class on the 3rd edition of Supdourorace 2021 ????
Thank you to my family, coach Rui Ramos, Vilacondense Fluvial Club, NSP Europe, Sup-One, Avianense Chocolates, SUPinhas, and all private supporters. ..
Esposende municipality”

Mia Soares Silva

Tomas and Verónica raced an NSP Carolina Pro Carbon 20.5 at this year’s SUP Douro Race

Read more about the NSP Carolina Pro Carbon here.


“This was incredible – A well organized race in Porto, with tons of Ocean racing and a fair amount of bumps. I love Porto and I really like to compete here because of the solid organizing and the presence of international athletes Bruno, Daniel and Itzel”
Tomás Lacerda

“On Saturday I enjoy the racing tempo that the Carolina handles very easily,
and on Sunday I felt really comfortable on the board, with challenging conditions that I felt confident in”

Verónica Silva

Team NSP invades the Spanish Long-Distance Championships

Congratulations to the entire NSP team for their incredible efforts, the impeccable organizing by Republica SUP, and the broadcasting by Up Suping. What an epic weekend and what great results!

The Costa Blanca SUP Challenge took place over two days, on the 25th and 26th of September.

Big Congratulations to the new champions of Spain!

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Fernando raced an NSP Ninja Pro Carbon 14′ x 21″ at the Costa Blanca SUP Challenge

For the protected harbour of this event, a Ninja is a perfect Race Board to get in front of the pack and stay there. A recessed Pro-Carbon racer comes in four widths with a lowered standing area.

Read more about the NSP Ninja Pro Carbon here.


1 Fernando Pérez Serra in the Elite Class
1 Daniel Parrés racing in the 50+ Class
1 Salva Mora racing in the 40+ Class

Antonio Morillo racing in the Elite Class

Izaskun Martin

4th by Quique Hurtado in the Elite Class
5th by Salva Mora in the Elite Class
5th by Erica Revill in the Elite Class
7th by Majo Pellicer in the Elite Class

Titouan wins long distance and technical at Alpine Paradise Race

The Alpine Paradise Race 2021 took place on Lake Place Moulin on Saturday the 25th. Blessed with a sunny day and mild temperatures, paddlers competed on a long-distance course, a short distance one, and a technical Race.

With the lake being 2000 meters above sea level, locals certainly had an advantage but it was to no avail as Titouan secured the top place in both the Long Distance race and the Technical Race.

All images courtesy of SUPracer and  Alpine Lakes Tour.

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Long distance

timenamefirst nameW/MOverall
01:16:28VON ROTENAlexandreM7


Technical race

namefirst nameW/MOverall
VON ROTENAlexandreM7

Titouan raced an NSP Ninja Pro Carbon at this event

The flat water weapon in the NSP Raceboard range – a Ninja is a recessed Pro-Carbon racer that comes in four widths. Its lowered standing area originated is for all the hardcore racers, looking to paddle even narrower shapes, pushing us to design 21” Ninja.

Read more about the NSP Ninja Pro Carbon here.

“This was a beautiful race at 2000 meters altitude – I spent the night at the “Refuge” hut, and really felt the location of the race was majestic. Plus it was flat and cold”
Titouan Puyo

(Editor: we wholeheartedly agree – the very definition of any Lake in the Alps is “beautiful, flat and cold”)


Short distance

timenamefirst nameW/MOverall

Maui Sach takes the win at 2021 Baltic Sea Festival

The Sach Family dominated the proceedings last week at the Baltic Sea Festival’s 1st Ocean Race. Maui was in form finishing under three hours with an average speed of 9.2 kmh (5.7mph) and a solid fifteen minutes in front of the runner up, Nils Lønborg and his father, Frithjof Sach who maintained the 3rd place until the finish. Maui raced a solid race on his NSP Ninja, facing considerable competition from over 280 racers in the marina.

The long-distance was followed by a beach race that the Baltic sea dishes up more than just flatwater.

“A big thanks to the organizers! Awesome to see my dad finish in 3rd &

big thanks to my coach Noelani “
Maui Sach

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Maui and Frithjof raced the NSP Carolina and NSP Ninja

NSP Carolina Pro Carbon


Top 3 men

  1. Maui Sach       2h 59 min
  2. Niels Lønborg 3h 15 min
  3. Frithjof Sach    3h 18 min

Kaelan takes overall title at Pulse Electrical Clearwater Classic

With heavy International travel restrictions, the SUP clubs are organizing grassroots events at a local level, spreading the stoke and getting as many riders as possible out there on the water.

Well promoted by Pulse Electrical and Bundaberg Now, the Clearwater Classic got an elegant amount of publicity online and we were stoked to see Kaelan Lockhart taking an overall win.

“We had perfect fun conditions for the technical race with a few good runners. I used the Carolina 24 1/4 and the Ninja 21 3/4 for my races.”

“For the 10k long-distance race we enjoyed beautifully clear water with a well-timed change
of tide to carry us back home – this was a fantastic and well-organised weekend!”
Kaelan Lockhart 

Images courtesy of  Sunshine Coast SUP Club and 4670 SUP CLUB INC

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Technical Race Men

  1. Kaelan Lockhart
  2. Paul Jackson
  3. Callan Dick
  4. Simin Prosser

Long Distance Race Men

  1. Kaelan Lockhart
  2. Johnny Zirilla
  3. Paul Jackson
  4. Callan Dick
  5. Steve Walker
  6. Loz Stephenson
  7. Kobi Holden
  8. Peter Dorries
  9. Dyllan Constable
  10. Craig Holden

For the full results, simply click here

Kaelan raced the NSP Carolina and NSP Ninja

NSP Carolina Pro Carbon

Titouan finishes second at Eurotour’s Montenegro stop

Last weekend Montenegro welcomed the Eurotour for its maiden race and with breathtaking scenery and a beautiful summer day on offer, it turned out to be an epic event.

For those who don’t know, Montenegro has been a country in its own right since 2006 now, and while its name suggests otherwise (“Black Mountain”) it is actually a microstate with some of the most beautiful beaches in the region.

Sunday’s race was held at Luštica Bay, a dreamy spot uniting old-world traditional fishing charm with upscale facilities, and for one weekend only, hardcore SUP Racing.

For NSP, Canadian racer Dan Hamzic took 8th place while Titouan Puyo raced Michael Booth over pretty much the entire course. Spectators described the duel as an extended drag race, and unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be for T2 after 22 straight #1 Podium finishes.

During the last section of the race, Titouan was unable to close the gap created by the Australian and had to settle for 2nd place.


Top Women:
1. Susanne Lier
2. Natalija Bostjancic
3. Michala Hendrichova

Top 10 Men:
1. Michael Booth
2. Titouan Puyo
3. Andrey Kraytor
4. Oleksii Sidenko
5. Ivan Ulitenko
6. Damodara Mokhniuk
7. Bojan Bernard
8. Dan Hamzic
9. Oleksandr Mikhailov

Titouan raced an NSP Ninja Pro Carbon in Montenegro

With the 12km race taking place within the protection of the harbor, this chapter of the Eurotour essentially became a flat water race, making the Ninja the weapon of choice.

All pictures courtesy of Eurotour.

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Gunther Debin recaps the  SUP11 City Tour of Team SUP Fever

“We did it, what a journey! This year Nele Martens, Joeri Boon, Cindy Humbert and our 15-year old youngster Rhune Spincemaille traveled up to gorgeous Leeuwarden, Netherlands for their SUP adventure to represent NSP Belgium and the SUP fever team.”

“Day 1 and 2 were sweltering hot days. Nele, Cindy and Joeri decided to race at their own pace, to drink a lot and to take things as they come. On the Slotenmeer with strong wind and waves from the passing boats, our NSP Carolinas (14/23.5) did what they were made for, offering stability and cut through the chop. For our rookies, that ability translated into a lot of confidence, considering they had only started training earlier this year.”

“Day 3 and 4 were a cocktail of typical 11City conditions (editor: Ah yes, that famous Dutch weather): The temperature dropped, one minute it was drizzly, and the next moment the sun popped out. Behind one bend a strong headwind would lurk, followed by another curve in the river, giving us some wind in the back.”

“The canals with the regular traffic from vessels provided the necessary waves and challenges, but none were too big for the Carolinas and their riders. Where Nele decided to conserve as much energy as possible right up to the end, Joeri and Cindy boldly went out of their comfort zones and took the Frysian waters head on.”

“And then all of a sudden it was day 5, the day of the finish but especially the day of Rhune on her Ninja 14/22. From Dokkum to Leeuwarden with a strong head wind, she didn’t feel like drafting, she wanted to race her own race and go at it at her pace. . The Ninja cut through the water like a hot knife through butter. It was remarkable to see that the board remained very stable with boats coming from behind.”

“The board remained well controllable and Rhune was able to get on the occasional hump generated by the vessels. But 27K still needs to be paddled and all four riders performed successfully that last day. Our takeaway ist that with the right mindset and equipment you can take on any challenge.”

“Nice work great guys, I’m a proud coach once more!”

For more results, click here!

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SUP Fever raced the NSP Carolina and NSP Ninja 

NSP Carolina Pro Carbon

Patrick “Paddy” Boyum recaps his Eleven City Tour

SUP 11 City tour – The ultimate challenge 220 Kilometer race event with the non-stop and 5 days program in Netherland.

Patrick Paddy Boyum and His NSP Ninja take the 4th in 5 days, Master Men, with a total time of 23:16:36.

  • Day 1 starts from Leeuwarden to Sloten
  • Day 2 from Sloten to Workum
  • Day 3  from Workum to Franeker
  • Day 3 Time Trial
  • Day 4 from Franeker to Dokkum
  • Day 5 from Dokkum to Leeuwarden

For more results, click here!

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Paddy’s weapon for his 11CITY Race

Gregory Bureaud recaps the French Ultra long Distance SUP Championship

Dordogne Integrale – The French Ultra Long Distance Stand-Up Paddle Championships, a 130 Km race on one of the most beautiful rivers in France with a hundred competitors in SUP.

Gregory Bureaud joins this race for his first time to represent the Les Bagouz’ à Manon fighting childhood and teen cancer. He completes 130 Km in 12H26 with his NSP Carolina in Rank 26.

For more results, click Here!

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Gregory’s weapon for his 130 KM Race


ICF World stand up paddling 2021 in Hungary

2021 ICF Stand-Up Paddling (SUP) World Championships took place in Balatonfured, Hungary on 9-12 September 2021 with 4 competitions: Technical Race, Sprint Race, Long Distance Race, and Inflatable Race. Below you will find winners and overall placements of NSP team riders along with winning riders who choose to use NSP as their board of choice. Congratulations to all riders and to Spain who absolutely dominated the medal count.

NSP World Champion Team Riders (6):
Titouan Puyo (France)- Men Open Long Distance
Daniel Parres (Spain)- Men 50+ Long Distance, Sprints, Technical
Salvador Mora (Spain) – Men 40+ Technical
Penny Tsaoutou (Greece) – Women 50+ Sprints

World Champion Riders on NSP (4):
Aaron Sanchez (Spain) – Men Junior Sprints
Duna Gordillo (Spain) – Women Junior Long Distance
Duna Gordillo (Spain) – Women Junior Technical
Andrey Kraytor (Russia) – Men 7km Inflatable


The technical race is partly a speed race but mostly a skill race. Competitors have to go around a total of 7 zigzag buoys on a 1,000 m course. The course is marked out directly in front of the Tagore promenade. In each heat, 8 to 12 competitors will start in a line, side by side.

Technical Open Women

Erica RevilOverall10
Veronica SilvaOverall17
Iona RivetOverall11
Izaskun MartinOverall16

Technical Junior Women

Duna GordilloFinal A1
Sonia CaimariFinal A3

Technical Master 50+ Women

Petra PyffraderFinal A2
Penny TsaoutouFinal A4

Technical Open Men

Titouan PuyoFinal A4
Fernando PerezFinal C3
Phaedon DoukasFinal C6
Tomas LacerdaOverall Semifinal28
George FragosOverall Quarterfinal27
Maui SachOverall Quarterfinal30
Andras ChlebovicsOverall Heat87

 Technical Junior Men

Aaron SanchezOverall semi-final2
Vojtech SeidenglanzOverall semi-final7
Petr RohlenaOverall semi-final8

Technical Master 40+ Men

Salvador MoraFinal A1

Technical Master 50+ Men

Daniel ParresFinal A1
Frithjof SachFinal B1


The sprint race will take place directly in front of the Tagore promenade, on a 200 m straight course marked out with buoys. In each heat, 8 to 12 competitors will start in a line, side by side.

Sprint Open Women

Erica RevilFinal A5
Veronica SilvaFinal B1
Izaskun MartinFinal B3
Iona RivetFinal B4

Sprint Junior Women

Maria SilvaFinal A7

Sprint Master 50+ Women

Penny TsaoutouFinal A1
Petra PyffraderFinal A3

Sprint Open Men

Tomas LacerdaFinal A5
Titouan PuyoFinal A7
Antonio MorilloFinal C7

Sprint Junior Men

Aaron SanchezFinal A1
Vojtech SeidenglanFinal A3
Petr RohlenaFinal A8

Sprint Master 40+ Men

Salvador MoraFinal A2

Sprint Master 50+ Men

Daniel ParresFinal A1
Frithjof SachFinal A6


The long-distance race is primarily about serious endurance and good tactical sense. Each age group competes on courses of different lengths. The courses will be marked out in the area bordered by Balatonfüred – Tihany – Gödrös. There are no heats for the long-distance races, so all participants compete in the final race. The entire field starts in a group from the start line parallel to the Tagore Promenade.

Long Distance Open Women 18Km

Iona Rivet8
Erica Revil9
Izaskun Martin12

Long Distance Junior Women 10Km

Duna Gordillo

Sonia Caimari

Maria Silva




Long Distance Master 50+ Women

Petra Pyffrader3
Penny Tsaoutou5

Long Distance Open men 18 Km

Titouan Puyo1
Fernando Perez8
Antonio Morillo14
Andras Chlebovics67

Long Distance Junior Men 10Km

Aaron Sanchez3
Vojtech Seidenglan5
Petr Rohlena8

Long Distance Master 40+ Men 18Km

Salvador MoraFinal A2

Long Distance Master 50+ Men


Daniel Parres1
Frithjof Sach52


Andrey Kraytor from Russia takes the win on an NSP O2 Race FSL 12.6×25.

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Rider impressions from the ICF Worlds in Hungary

“This was my first ever international event. For the first time I could
benchmark my performance with the top International athletes in my division. Despite having an
accident in the sprint semifinal that ended up taking me out of the
final, I am very happy with my performance.”

“I got a 9th place in the sprints and a 12th place in the technical race. I really enjoyed using
my Carolina on both races, the shape worked in buoy turns and performed enough during my 200m sprints.”

Next up,  I am getting ready to prepare for upcoming competitions.”

IG: veronica_irdsilva27
FB: Verónica Silva

“Fantastic event, very well organised with a great atmosphere. Almost
500 people from 51 countries.”

“The messy water affected balance, making races a lot tougher than regular training routines.
I think that I was well prepared. Consistency in my motto

IG: tsaoutou
FB: Pennytsaoutou

Fernando Pérez Serra – NSP Ninja Pro Carbon 14’ 21″

“I managed 9th Long distance and 19th in the technical.”

“The level of the competition was very high and there was unexpected
choppy conditions for the long-distance course.”

IG: fernando_lc19
FB: Fernando Pérez Serra

“Super fantastic event. I felt like competing in the Olympics. The International level
of the paddlers was outstanding.”

“I attained 3rd place in the Sprint Final B and 6th in the Technical final C.

IG: phaedon_doukas
FB: Phaedon.Doukas


Double gold at the ICF Worlds Today in Hungary

Titouan takes the world title today from the defending champion and only Australian present at the event, Michael Booth. In all fairness, getting out there to Hungary has been a struggle for many athletes due to travel restrictions, making this an event dominated by Europeans.

Daniel Parres meanwhile dominated in the 50+ division, also becoming a world champion in the process. Both riders met after the finish, possibly discussing their NSP Ninja Pro Carbon setup (who knows)?

Anyone following the live feed could see just how flat the conditions were despite this being one of the greatest lakes in Europe. The live feed is still available for watching btw, simply follow the link here.

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Daniel’s pages Instagram & Facebook

Flatwater racing weaponry

Riders interested in the 2021 NSP Ninja Pro Carbon can click here to learn more about dimensions and volume. Alain, warm congratulations from the team on creating the fastest flat-water racer in the world!

Kaelan Lockhart wins SUP Old Woman Ocean Paddle

The Old Woman Ocean Paddle takes place at the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. It’s a unique festival for paddlers of all abilities and Ocean Endurance athletes who share a love for the ocean environment and Sunshine Coast culture.

Starting at the Mooloolaba Spit, The Old Woman Ocean Paddle challenges Ocean and Spec ski paddlers as well as SUP, OC1 and prone board paddlers throughout the 18km journey along the coast line to Mudjimba around Old Woman Island and return.

If that course doesn’t fit your paddling ability just yet, there’s The Little Woman, a 5km course within the Mooloolaba Beach bay.

Kaelan Lockhart won the 18k race on a wider NSP Sonic Pro Carbon for the choppier conditions of the open water. Kaelan paddles an NSP 100% Carbon Speedster 86.

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Tomas Lacerda wins SUP open men, Veronica Silva wins SUP open women and Mia Soares Silva wins SUP 15 in Portugal SUP race marathon

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The Sup Race National Champion Marathon 2021 took place in Peniche, Portugal.

For the SUP open men, the race started from the North of Praia do Baleal up to the beach of Molhe Este, and with exceptional conditions that Tomas Lacerda fought in, he managed to fend off three strong opponents. Throughout the race, the field gradually morphed into a sprinting duel towards the end, with Thomas getting to the beach first and taking the honor of cutting the finish line.

For SUP open women, Verónica Silva had no opposition, dominating from start to finish.

Tomas and Verónica paddle NSP Carolina in this race.

For the SUP under 15 class, Mia Soares Silva takes the win again with her NSP Ninja.

Congratulations to all racers again!

Fernando Perez Serra the winner and Antonito Morillo the first runner up of Spain SUP race

With the race being a flat water course, Fernando and Antonio paddled NSP Ninjas.

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Image from Upsuping

Fernando Perez Serra and Antonio Morillo, placed first and second in the technical race for Spain its SUP race in Somo (Cantabria). Total distance was 5 kilometers, created by a buoy circuit near the shoreline.

Read the Technical race results below:

  1. Fernando Perez Serra
  2. Antonio Morillo
  3. Rafael Sirvent

Results from Upsuping

Mia Soares Silva secures female junior 1st place at Lagoa de Obidos SUP race


Image from FPS

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Lagoa de Obidos national SUP race marathon championship takes place in Lagoa de Obidos lagoon in Portugal.

Mia Soares Silva wins the SUB15 female junior championship again with her NSP Ninja just like last year.

Izaskun Martin and Marcus Hansen takes the 7th, Erica Revil the 8th, and Petra Pyffrader the 9th at Eurotour Prague Paddle Fest

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The 8th stop of the Euro tour 2021 takes place in Prague, Czech Republic under the name of Eurotour Prague Paddle Fest with the nice weather after a stormy last few days.

Congratulations Izaskun Martin, Erica Revil, Petra Pyffrader, and Marcus Hansen, for the results in the Top 10 women and men.

Top 10 Women:
1. Fiona Wylde
2. Espe Barreras
3. Natalia Novitskaia
4. Petronella Van Malsen
5. Caterina Stenta
6. Anna Tschirky
7. Izaskun Martin
8. Erica Revil
9. Petra Pyffrader
10. Monika Bronicha

Top 10 Men:
1. Michael Booth
2. Daniel Hasulyo
3. Clement Colmas
4. Normen Weber
5. Davide Alpino
6. Leo Nika
7. Marcus Hansen
8. Vassilis Samniotis
9. Tomas Grosup
10. Marton Kover

Results from

Izaskun takes her 7th place in Eurotour Prague Paddle Fest with NSP Puma

Erica Revil takes her 8th place in Eurotour Prague Paddle Fest with NSP Carolina

NSP Carolina

Marcus Hansen takes his 7th place and Petra Pyffrader takes her 9th place in Eurotour Prague Paddle Fest with NSP Ninja

Frithjof and Maui Sach takes the 2nd and 3rd in the German championship technical race

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The German championship technical race by DMV starts during the rain and

Maui takes 3rd place.

Technical race results are below;

  1. Ole Schwarz
  2. Martin Teichmann
  3. Maui Sach
  4. Jonas Pauldrach
  5. Bastian Grimm
  6. Niclas Imruck
  7. Michele Capizzi
  8. Valentin Zeno
  9. Jean Drago Graf
  10. Stephan Schleitzer
For the Master category, Frithjof Sach takes the 2nd.

Patrick Paddy Boyum takes the 4th at Swedish national SUP championship

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Swedish national SUP championship takes place in Skrea Strand Falkenberg on a cloudy day with many SUP racers and our Patrick Paddy Boyum takes 4th place.

Congratulations Paddy!

Frithjof and Maui Sach take the 3rd and 4th at SUP & Soul beach tour

The last stop of SUP & Soul Tour 2021 takes place at the Baltic Sea, Grömitz, Germany.

Congratulations to Sach’s family with the excellent results of the father “Frithjof Sach” with the 3rd place, The son “Maui Sach” with his 4th place plus and his first ranking of this tour.

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Titouan Puyo takes a double win and Vincent Verhovent takes the 4th in the technical race at the Brittany Championship

Brittany Championship takes place in Plomeur, France with the technical race in the wave at La Torche beach the surfer’s paradise, and a long-distance race in the flat water along the river of bridge the abbe.

Titouan Puyo and Vincent Verhovent join both race.

Titouan takes a double win with NSP Puma for the technical race and NSP ninja for long-distance and Vincent Verhovent takes the 4th in the technical race at the Brittany Championship.

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Image by Terceltphoto

Tomas Lacerda and Veronica Silva win Portugal National SUP Sprint Championship 2021

Portugal National SUP Championship in SUP Sprint Cataglory takes place in Costa Nova, Aveiro, Portugal organized by the Portuguese Surf Federation or FPS.

Tomas Lacerda and Veronica Silva both win in the SUP open 200m for men and women of this race.

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Tokyo Olympics 2020

Tokyo 2020 Olympics game on 23 July – 8 August 2021

The Olympic Games are considered the world’s foremost sports competition with more than 200 nations participating. The Olympic Games are normally held every four years.

The purpose of the  Olympic Games is to promote peace and unity within the international community through the medium of sports.

Surfing is one of five additional sports proposed by the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee to bring more youthful and vibrant events and culture into the Olympic program.

Surfing will be making its debut at the Tokyo 2020 Games, and competitions will be held at Tsurigasaki Beach. Boasting world-class waves, this beach attracts lots of surfers each year. The beach is located in Ichinomiya town on Chiba Prefecture’s Pacific coastline.

The surfing Schedule starts from 25 – 27 July 2021 and this is the result.

???? Carissa Moore ????????
???? Bianca Buitendag ????????
???? Amuro Tsuzuki ????????

???? Italo Ferreira ????????
???? Kanoa Igarashi ????????
???? Owen Wright ????????
Congratulations to the first-ever Olympic Surfing medalists!

Learn more about them,

Carissa Click!

Bianca Click!

Amaro Click!

Italo Click!

Kanoa Click!

Owen Click!

Image from ISA

Maui Sach wins technical sprint at SUP & Soul beach tour

The SUP & Soul Beach tour event took place on the surfing beach of Pelzerhaken. Locally known as the “Hawaii of the Baltic Sea”, conditions dish up regularly for all kinds of watersports.

This time around, Maui Sach won the technical sprint with his NSP Ninja.

Congratulations Maui!

See more results from Stand up magazin

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Mia Soares Silva secure female junior 1st place plus 2nd in female overall at ICF World Championships

National Selection for The ICF StandUp Paddling World Championships

The National Selection of the Portuguese Canoeing Federation for the 2021 Paddling Stand Up World Championship takes place at the Montemor-o-Velho – Centro Náutico Alto Rendimento (CAR).

Mia Soares Silva got a junior female first place with 01:18:881 and 01:19:663 which gave her the 2nd best time in the female overall with her NSP DC Flatwater Race 12’6.

Read more results Here!

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Titouan and Iona reign supreme at Beg Meil Paddle Cup, France

BEG MEIL PADDLE CUP 2021 at Kerambigorne Beach, France

With around 100 athletes participating in the technical and long-distance race at the Beg meil paddle cup 2021, this event has a local vibe and was more of a French affair than most of the racing over the last weeks where International big shots competed.

Undoubtedly the man the beat, Titouan Puyo managed to come out on top once more, and so did Iona Rivet, both conquering Technical and Long Distance Race.

Fellow NSP Teamriders Vincent Verhoeven finished 3rd and Virginie Samson placed 5th in the long-distance race.

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Petra Pyffrader scores at Graz Riverdays

Graz Riverdays event in Graz, Austria State Championships 2021

The Riverdays – a new festival in Graz offers six weeks of sport and adventure on the water. Visitors get to know the city from a fascinating new side, while Experienced top-class athletes compete at the highest level. Think of rowing regattas in the middle of Graz, rafting tours through the city, six state championships in different classes, or the different sports on offer for kids, which are just some of the highlights on the program.

National Teamrider Petra Pyffrader won the Styrian Championships in the 200m sprint and 10K long distance, while taking 2nd at Austrian State championships. In both age classes where Petra competed, her and her NSP NINJA ended up on the podium.

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Austrian SUP Federation results from Graz

Titouan wins Vendée Gliss Event 2021

Titouan secures eight consecutive wins in a row

We’re starting to feel like that supporter in Brad Pitt’s “Moneyball” movie, holding up that sign saying “WE MAY NEVER LOSE AGAIN!”. With races being held structurally again in Europe, all eyes are looking at the EuroTour, and International athletes are flying in as well to travel, compete and stake their claim in the rankings.

Currently, no one is doing a better job than Titouan though, coming out on top eight times in a row, winning the Extreme Cordouan outrigger event first in the OC1 class, before appearing at the starting line at Vendee Glisse with his Carolina 20.5, a few kilometers up north of the Atlantic French coast.

Long Distance
With 50 riders at the starting line and some of the best competitors to date, this was going to be an interesting one. Île d’Yeu, normally famous for its lobster and tuna, is live streaming another leg in the EuroTour 2021 competition.

9- 10: Final inscriptions
10:15: briefing
10:30: Start
12:00: Prize ceremony

Titouan won, with Marcus Hansen in 5th place, and a big thanks to all NSP riders competing:

Erica Revil
Iona Rivet
Vincent Verhoeven
Vincent Guillaume
Perez Serra Fernando
Hoyuela Rojas Manuel
Antonio Morilla Sanchez
Maui Sach
Frithof Sach

Technical Race
As part of the French Championships and the French Surf Federation involved, this race was open to all entries and consisted of a 5km run close to the short with mixed conditions. The weather report predicted 16- to 18 knots:

9- 10: Final inscriptions
10:15: briefing
10:30: Start
12:00: Prize ceremony

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Stéphane Debuire did a pretty epic video on the long-distance race so we’re reposting that on our Instagram channel – make sure to check that out as well!

Long Distance Paddle Result

Long Distance - Men
Long Distance - Women

Patrick Paddy Boyum completes his 400Km in a 5days paddle crossing Sweden

Patrick Boyum started his 400 Kilometers solo paddling across Sweden on the 27th of June, right up until the 1st of July from the Baltic sea to Skagerak, Denmark.

  • June 27th
    • Starting from Mem, Söderköping in Sweden (The South of Stockholm) and his first 35 Km are done on the beautiful canal in Norsholms Sluss
    • Starting at the eastern corner of Lake Roxen with the headwind just below white caps. Today he is Heading to Berg and a new set of locks. He has a mini stop at a tiny island in Roxen.
    • Reached Berg after a 26 km long crossing over lake Roxen. Berg has a set of 12 locks which lifts a total of 30 km to the next part of the canal.
    • Reached Motala after crossing Roxen and Boren in headwind and finishing the first 100 km within the first 24 hours.
  • June 28th
    • Starting with a rather big challenge by crossing lake Vättern at its widest part. This lake is known for quickly changing weather and has to be treated with respect. The forecast looks okay, not super flat but a 3-5 m/s headwind.
    • After crossing Lake Vättern. He takes a break at Karlborg.
    • End his day at the end of Göta Kanal in Sjötorp
  • June 29th
    • Starts paddling on Vänern, the largest lake in Sweden.
    • with 7-8 m/s headwind. speed dropped from around 7.5 km/hr to 5 km/hr and his GPS lost connection. he follows the direction of the waves and checks where the sun was.
    • Camps at Skareberg Kållandsö because of an unpredictable wind.
  • June 30th
    • the plan is to zig-zag between a group of islands to reach open water for the last km down to Vänersborg. His expeditions organizer Anna found this shortcut.
    • 16 k’s done so far today. Came thru the zig-zag maze and out on the western side in Vänern with a bit of sidewind from the right.
    • Reached Hindens rev. with the flat water condition.
    • Reached Vänersborg at the inlet to Göta Älv and the last runway down to Göteborg and the ocean which is the end of this journey. This was a pleasant day with nice weather and fantastic scenery. Past the 300 km and kept on for another 20 km.
  • July 1st
    • Leaving Vänersborg
    • Reached Lilla Edet with 39 km done. The river has a nice flow and Paddy took advantage of the tailwind he got, allowing him to fly downstream.
    • 420 km done!!

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Patrick has his five-day epic 400km paddle tour crossing Sweden from the Baltic sea to Skagerrak on his NSP Carolina!


Pablo Ania takes the 1st and Salva Mora the 2nd in 21 Km Long Distance and Mia takes the 2nd in 5Km Sub 16 Women Spanish Championship

Spanish SUP Race Championship in Baiona

Men Distance 21 Km

1Pablo Ania Barrachina02:04:19.1
2Salva Mora Martinez02:06:11.0
3Tomas Sanchez Vecino02:06:15.0

Women 5 Km Sub 16

1Elene Etxeberria Aranburu39:23.3
2Mia Soares Silva40:22.3
3Ana Marta Perez1:00:59

The result and pics from SUP Spain

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Pablo and Salva win with NSP Ninja

Mia win with her NSP DC Flatwater Race 12’6

Titouan holds his rank and Iona takes the 8th at Pornichet Paddle Trophy

If you haven’t enjoyed SUP Racer’s Livestream, the last couple of days -the Pornichet Paddle Trophy made a fantastic return last weekend with a stacked field of racers, Internationally and local alike. Three days of stand-up paddle races and entertainment in Pornichet (Plage des Libraires) for paddlers and visitors of all ages and all levels, with some of the hardest Ocean Endurance racers present for some spectacular racing.
In the end, French Tahitian Titouan Puyo remains undefeated and collects a seventh win in a row. We also want to congratulate Iona Rivet with her 8th place in the women’s race and all other athletes who competed this weekend.

Top10 Women ????

1. Fiona Wylde ????????
2. Amandine Chazot ????????
3. Catherine Stenta ????????
4. Ana aïs Guyomarc ‘ h ????????
5. Susan Miller ????????
6. Fanny Tessier ????????
7. Anna Chirky ????????
8. Iona Rivet ????????
9. Marie Melguen ????????

Top10 Men ????

1. Titouan Puyo ????????
2. Arthur Arutkin ????????
3. Clément Colmas ????????
4. Paolo Marconi ????????
5. Martin Vitry ????????
6. Boris Jinvresse ????????
7. Ethan Bry ????????
8. Donato Freens ????????
9. Vincent Verhoeven ????????
10. Thomas Buton ????????
Results and pics by Pornichet Paddle Trophy.

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NSP Carolina

Titouan raced his Carolina over the Finish line as the very first again this weekend.


Kaeland Lockhart Wins technical and long distance at Scotts Head Paddle Games

The Scotts Head Paddle Games is one of the most popular events on the SUP calendar. This 3-day weekend in June attracts paddlers of all levels for both surfing and racing each year. At Scott’s Head, the organisation prides itself on emphasizing fun and participation at one of the best locations in Australia for Stand Up Paddling.

Through brute strength, Kaelan secured wins at the technical race, the long-distance and took the #1 overall as well. Harry Lee finished in the top ten in both events – big shoutout to all participants from the NSP racing division.

Both Kaelan and Harry raced NSP Carolinas.

Results from Webscorer

All content from SUP Racer

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Kaelen raced an NSP Carolina – a perfect match for unbridled paddling power 

A recessed deck allowing for a low center of gravity and adds stability. By lowering the center of gravity across the entire shape, not just the standing area, athletes benefit consistently, whether they are on the back of the board or in the cockpit.


Titouan wins Long Distance at 2021 Ice race, Erica Revil takes the 5th and Marcus Hansen 7th

With the racing season in full swing, Titouan competed outside his comfort zone, 558+ meters above sea level on a flat Lake Thun in Switzerland. Conditions were hot and competitors struggled, despite the field being stacked with a nice mix of locals, European athletes, and a few intercontinental competitors like Titouan and Marcus Hansen.

Top 10 Women:
1. Espe Barreras
2. Fiona Wylde
3. Anna Tschirky
4. Susanne Lier
5. Erica Revil
6. Tanja Ecker
7. Yvi Mahoney
8. Andrea Forrer
9. Florence Julen
10. Nicole Angéloz

Top 10 Men:
1. Titouan Puyo
2. Bruno Hasulyo
3. Clement Colmas
4. Ludovic Teulade
5. Rafael Sirvent
6. Normen Weber
7. Marcus Hansen
8. Donato Freens
9. Olivier Darrieumerlou
10. Jeremy Teulade

Results and pics by Euro Tour and Simon Boschi (@simonboschi_) respectively.
Titouan and Marcus raced NSP Ninjas at Ice race 2021, with Erica Revil competing with her Carolina.
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Titouan Puyo riding NSP Ninja Pro Carbon
Erica Revil races her NSP Carolina
Marcus Hansen riding NSP Ninja Pro Carbon

With flat mountain lake conditions, the Ninja bulbous design pierced through the water, creating a smooth ride with minimal wake for maximum efficiency.

Saving that energy for longer runs – An incredibly fast flatwater weapon with key design elements that work really well in water with textured conditions. Nose diving is minimized by a subtle redistribution of the volume, while an improved cockpit design keeps out more water.

Carolina Pro Carbon is the winning tool for 90% of all racing conditions

The Carolina comes with neoprene handles and several balanced fixture points.  4 AVS Drain holes quickly expel excess water from the dugout. A patented GORE® vent near the GoPro (or GPS) fixture point prevents a pressure build-up, allowing oxygen to pass but keeping out moisture.


Titouan Puyo wins the technical race and long-distance on Lake Annecy at this year’s Alpine Lakes Tour

Titouan won the Long Distance event with  1 hour and 6:30 minutes ahead of Ludovic Teulade who clocked in at 1 hour, 6:33 minutes, followed by Tom Auber who did it in 1 hour and 7:06 minutes.

Results of the Crazy Paddle Games Talloires 2021:
1. Titouan Puyo
2. Ludovic Teulade
3. Tom Auber
4. Jeremy Teulade

1st Female: Edith Teulade

Racing pic courtesy of Alpines Lake Tour and Alexis Fernet (@Alexlife38)

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With flat water conditions, the Ninja bulbous design pierced through the water, creating a smooth ride with a minimal wake for maximum efficiency.

Saving that energy for longer runs – An incredibly fast flatwater weapon with key design elements that work really well in water with textured conditions. Nose diving is minimized by a subtle redistribution of the volume, while an improved cockpit design keeps out more water.

Noelani Sach winning DIE Finals Championship 2021

DIE Finals 2021 Berlin | Rhein-Ruhr

The multi-sport event awarded 140 German championship titles, in 18 sports. Note that almost 2,300 athletes take part in this German Mini Olympics. This was the second edition of the DIE Finals event and in hte German-speaking countries this is becoming a very big thing in a wide variety of athletic sports.

So we are honored to have Noelani take the wins in SUP – CrossRace Women , Duisburg at DIE Finals 2021 Berlin | Rhein-Ruhr.

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Special mention goes to Maui Sach, who competed at this invite-only event as well but didn’t make it onto the podium.

Racing pic courtesy of Deutscher Kanu-Verband 

Noelani Sach and Tanja Ecker raced for a very close result on the 160m long regatta course in Duisburg. At the first turn, 24-year-old Noelani was able to secure the decisive advantage over her opponent from Lörrach. Ecker came very close again in the final lane, but Sach was able to clinch the victory to the very end.

Noelani’s Ninja efficiently cut through the chop with less width and incredible stability

The Ninjas are all about efficiency, saving the energy riders need for longer runs.

An incredibly fast flatwater weapon with key design elements that work really well in water with textured conditions. Nose diving is minimized by a subtle redistribution of the volume, while an improved cockpit design keeps out more water.

Titouan Puyo wins technical race and long distance at Coupe de France SUP race 2021

Coupe de France SUP race 2021

Nice results coming in from this weekend – the first French race was held this weekend in the beautiful Saint Raphaël as a selection event French National championships. Titouan won both the technical race and the long distance with we’re all stoked about. BIG CONGRATULATIONS T2!!!

Organized by The Extrême Glisse Evénement paddle club, with the support of the city of Saint Raphaël, it is great to see things pick up! Event details and content grabbed from TotalSUP – thanks so much guys!

Make sure to follow Titouan on @instagram for upcoming events, clinics and general oceanic endurance mayhem. A special shoutout goes to Virginie Samson who did 6th in both the technical race and long-distance and finished a solid first in her class!

One event, two boards

Titouan made smart use of his Ninja for flatwater racing and his trusted Carolina for the overall, technical racing. Titouan is sponsored by NSP, Quickblade, American Express, Direct sailing la Baule, Blue barrel and Fai va’a.

Coupe de France paddle Saint Raphaël – Technical Race
05/06/2021 – Saint-Raphaël

Result from

Coupe de France paddle saint Raphaël – LD
06/06/2021 – Saint-Raphaël

Result from

Titouan’s Ninja efficiently cut through the chop with less width and incredible stability

The Ninjas are all about efficiency, saving the energy riders need for longer runs.

An incredibly fast flatwater weapon with key design elements that work really well in water with textured conditions. Nose diving is minimized by a subtle redistribution of the volume, while an improved cockpit design keeps out more water.

Verónica Silva wins the 1st round at SUP Race 2021

Regional SUP Race at Madeira Island, Portugal

This first leg of this Championship sponsored by Brisa Wood took place at Funchal Bay, Madeira Islands, Portugal. Madeira Island is a hotbed of watermen and women and Verónica is no exception,
gunning for the top spot in the female class with her NSP Carolina.

1Veronica Silva00:19:521000
2Raquel Gouveia00:25:59860
3Fabiola Perreira00:29:47730

*results from l Prova Circuto Regional SUP RACE 2020 – Centro Treino Mar

Veronica paddles and SUP surfs, so make sure to follow her for a dosis of healthy athleticism on Instagram

Veronica’s Carolina Pro Carbon is the winning tool for 90% of all racing conditions

The Carolina comes with neoprene handles and several balanced fixture points.  4 AVS Drain holes quickly expel excess water from the dugout. A patented GORE® vent near the GoPro (or GPS) fixture point prevents a pressure build-up, allowing oxygen to pass but keeping out moisture.


Jonesy takes the win at Noosa Festival of Surf 2021 Open Longboard SUPs

After competing with family and NSP team member Hugsley at the dog surfing comp, Jonesy truly struck gold at the Open Longboard SUPs this year. With a stacked field of competitors, this made the win all the sweeter for Jonesy and his SLX DC Super X.

  1. Paul “Jonesy” Jones
  2. Raymond Gleave
  3. James Casey
  4. Dylan Henry

Jonesy’s board, the SLX DC Super X range is all about performance longboarding and exceptional surf versatility.

Notice the tail that’s slightly widened compared to last year’s shape. This board has four channels on the rocker, generating speed, while the swallowtail loosens up the tail for greater manoeuvrability.

“SLX” signifies that these boards are made with flax rails and Paulownia wood for its deck.

The DC Super X is for the big stuff and the smaller swell

The range suits both smaller and bigger swell. Depending on the conditions, the DC Super X works in a wide variety of conditions, allowing you to rip on bigger days or try yourself with some classic moves like the helicopter or goof around with a transfer.

“I’m happiest paddling these out to my local point at Currumbin Gold Coast, trimming on the nose, or back on the swallow and effortlessly enjoying a classic cutty or two.”
Dale Chapman – Shaper

Kick pad

Riders pushing hard will come to appreciate the extra grip, courtesy of the Thermoformed EVA tail kick pad with center arch.

Click to learn more about the SLX DC Super X

Kaelan Lockhart winning the golden buoy sprint at the 12 Towers Ocean Paddle Festival 2021

12 Towers Ocean Paddle Festival is one of the best-attended and famous paddle races Down Under, representing the best and beauty of the Gold Coast.

Exciting to see some fresh blood battling for the podium! ???? How good was Kaelan Lockhart’s sprint to the “golden buoy” in Friday’s 12 Towers surf race — I’d heard big things about this guy after his thumping victory at the Port Stephens race a couple of months back, and I think after today he deserves the title of “dark horse” for season 2021.⁣ He’s still gotta fine tune his footwork and refine that “raw” technique, but his is definitely a name to remember (if it was flat water today, I don’t think any of the boys were catching him).
“Watch all the big names, weekend warriors and club representatives from up and down the east coast of Oz tackle the towers in Saturday’s main event, the 14km ocean race (downwinder?!) — grab a front row seat with SUP Racer’s LIVE STREAM right here on Facebook. The fun starts at 11am local time. Don’t expect ESPN ???? but hopefully it’ll be a fun return to racing!
Big thanks to Dany Leclerc for the awesome drone footage”

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