DC Super X SLX

Oozing with style, the DC Super X SLX range is an NSP Teamrider creation, when the team demanded a focus on performance longboarding and exceptional surf versatility.

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The tail of the DC Super X enjoys some significant changes, like the slightly widened tail. The addition of the four channels in the bottom generates speed, while the swallowtail loosens up the tail for greater maneuverability. The DC Surf X benefits from the same design elements.

Flax rails

The new flax rails and Paulownia wood deck provide extra durability and strength while keeping in line with NSP’s eco-friendly initiatives. The construction of the rails comes from our Cocoflax construction and toughens up the rails significantly.


Whether you’re a single fin rider, going for classic style and old-school helicopters, or you are looking for a more aggressive drive, the fin cluster on the DC Super X accommodates. The Super X comes with NSP’s FTU boxes (compatible with Futures® fins). The DC Super X comes with a set of  J3 performance side bites and a Wave 6 center fin.


Accessories Included

  • FTU RTM Fins

    2x J3 RTM Side fins

  • Wave 6.0 RTM fin

Size Chart

LengthWidthThicknessVolumeWeight +/- 5%
9'0''28"4 ¹/²"122 Liters7.88 Kg
10'0''27 ¹/²"4 ³/⁸"125 Liters8.45 Kg
10'0''29"4 ⁵/⁸"144 Liters8.97 Kg
10'0''32"4 ⁵/⁸"160 Liters9.93 Kg


DC Super X SLX Color Options

SLX DC Surf Super X 2021, 2022

Additional Information

The DC Super X is for the big stuff and the smaller swell

The range suits both smaller and bigger swell. Depending on the conditions, the DC Super X works in a wide variety of conditions, allowing you to rip on bigger days or try yourself with some classic moves like the helicopter or goof around with a transfer.

“I’m happiest paddling these out to my local point at Currumbin Gold Coast, trimming on the nose, or back on the swallow and effortlessly enjoying a classic cutty or two.”
Dale Chapman – Shaper

Kick pad

Riders pushing hard will come to appreciate the extra grip, courtesy of the Thermoformed EVA tail kick pad with center arch. The diamond pattern grips harder the more pressure your feet apply through the turns.

Review by Primal Surf, New Jersey

SLX Construction

DC Super X construction diagram

SLX technology delivers wave riding performance and reduced weight without compromising durability.

–   Vacuum bonded SLX (Super Light Epoxy) core offers a lighter weight than others.
–   New lay-up features a biax glass and Paulownia veneer wood deck for improved impact resistance.
–   Unidirectional flax fiber rails for superior flex control and increased durability.
–  SLX: A premium and high-performance package.

2022 SLX SUP Construction

DC Super X Profile

DC Super X profile

Super X Features

Super X Video

Super X Action

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    Bag details

    Bag NameDimensionsDesigned for
    SUP Surf day bag 9'0" 4mm285 x 91 cm9'0"
    SUP Surf day bag 10'0" 4mm316 x 103 cmAll 10'0"
    SUP Surf travel bag 9'0" 4mm286 x 92 cm9'0"
    SUP Surf travel bag 10'0" 4mm317 x 104 cmAll 10"0"

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