O² Race FSL

Not everyone is blessed with enough storage space for a hardboard racer. Athletes wanting to do away with roof racks and cumbersome transportation should look into the Race FSL.

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“Race FSL” is specifically designed for racers with a limited amount of storage,

the O² Inflatable Race FSL fits in a backpack. Constructed in premium inflatable FS technology, it is available in four sizes and this very complete package includes a high-pressure double-action pump – there is no easier way to get your Race FSL up to the recommended 15-18 PSI.

The all-new Air7 V3 fin box system ensures your inflatable race board has less resistance than a conventional inflatable fin system. Click here for a detailed presentation of the Air7 V3 fin system.

Pro Carbon alternatives

NSP has one of the most successful racing programs in the industry, and our dedicated race board division is a collection of high-performance and uncompromising winning machines. The Molokai Unlimited Pro Carbon is for no-holds-barred channel crossings and other monumental downwind races. The Ninja Pro Carbon for wicked flatwater performance. The Sonic Pro Carbon is a recessed allrounder, suitable for open water and the Puma Pro carbon is a flat-deck equivalent. The Carolina Pro Carbon is our latest and greatest race board for all conditions, winning races both locally and on different international tours.


Accessories Included

  • High-pressure double-action pump

  • Premium Backpack with wheels

  • 9” hybrid fin

Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
12'6"25"6"280 Liters8.20 Kg (total weight 14.60 Kg)
14'0"23"6"295 Liters8.45 Kg (total weight 14.85 Kg)
14'0"25"6"315 Liters8.90 Kg (total weight 15.30 Kg)
14'0"27"6"325 Liters9.30 Kg (total weight 15.70 Kg)


O² Race FSL Construction details

• Fusion reinforced double layer glueless pre-lamination combined with the new machine-woven drop stitch. Compared to traditional knitted drop stitch, the fibers of the new machine-woven drop stitch are stiffer and thus the number of fibers per square meter can be reduced. This allows an average weight reduction of 1.5 kg, while the board is also stiffer, less bouncy and allows for faster acceleration.

• Double-layer rail construction with double sealing rail band.

• New low-profile Air7 V3 fin box system creates less drag while racing and allows for easy board roll-up while not in use.

• 2” Standard mount D-rings for PFD attachment on the tail.

• Thermoformed EVA Deck pad for durability, grip and comfort

2022 SUP Inflatable Race FSL Construction

Race FSL details

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