Daniel Miller - Canada

Birthday: October 29
Home Spot: Calgary, Alberta/Squamish B.C.
Disciplines: SUP Racing, Foiling, Prone racing, river surfing, whitewater racing
Sponsors: NSP, Kailani Sports, Purepaddle, Canada Medical Solutions, North Swell Paddle Club



Daniel Miller grew up in Canada and moved to the Big Island of Hawaii after high school. He tried to go surfing daily and started to SUP when the conditions were smaller.  His daughter, Melia, got him into racing as she was into SUP in San Diego, and watching her race got him hooked on the racing part of SUP.  Daniel has been racing internationally since 2017 and eventually made the move back to Canada. Dan continues to attend as many SUP events as he can each year, driving 4500km to race at Chattajack 31 for instance.

Coaching & Repairs
Deeply involved in the SUP racing scene, Dan also coaches paddlers and repairs boards, so if you are in need of either, make sure to reach out to Dan.

He started a SUP team in Calgary, organized races, and trained a bunch of athletes, but at the end of the day, He got on the water for a long solo session.

“I love racing the long-distance races because it allows me to go deep and find out what I am made off. But I like surfing waves as much as the next guy too. Craig from Aqua Adventures got me started on a Carolina and I haven’t looked back since. Fast and easy, I had the unfortunate situation where my rack was ripped off the roof, sending my gear flying. The Carolina ended up in a farm field some 40ft away but miraculously didn’t have any damage.”

“I usually race on the ninja now, as most of the landlocked races I do are full-on flat water, and that thing just cuts through the water like a knife.”
Dan Miller

Daniel Miller






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SLX DC Super X

DC Super X




  • 8th place in Men Open at Hanohano Huki Ocean Challange, USA
  • 6th place in Technical Open Master 40+ at ICF SUP World Championships Gdynia
  • 13th place in SUP Sprint Race at ISA World SUP & Paddleboard Championship Puerto Rico


  • 3rd place in 52.5km race at Chattajack 31
Dan Miller