Pro Front Wings

The current Pro Front Wings come in three different styles and several sizes. Designed for different styles of foiling, getting down in the full depth of their performance envelope requires advanced foiling skills.

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If we compare these to the allround front wings, you will find that those hit that sweet spot where lift, responsiveness, top-end speed and glide all combine for an accessible and thrilling foiling experience. More dedicated Pro Front Wings will emphasize specific characteristics like gliding efficiency (the Gull Wing 2500 is amazing) and pump (the downwinders) over turnability and responsiveness (1250 Sweep).


Accessories Included

  • Premium 600-D nylon cover


Pro Front Wings vs. Allround series

Compared to the more forgiving allround series, our Pro Front Wings are designed for performance foiling instead of accessibility. This means you may be able to ride one, but accessing their full performance potential requires advanced foiling skills.

Intermediate and beginning foilers are best served with the more accessible Airwave sets and/or the Allround Front Wings. Riders looking for a specific foil characteristic like sustained glide, the best possible responsiveness or top-end speed are best served with the different Pro Front Wings. Compare all wings here.

FW 1250 Wing (Swept shape)

Built for speed – with a thinner profile, a surface of just 1250cm and a width of 70cm this is one of the fastest foils in the NSP quiver. Its swept shape helps control at high speed, especially while carving through hard turns.

Loose and highly sensitive to rider input, it is the wing for advanced foilers. String up a series of drawn-out turns and hunt down the next wave with a serious speed envelope. Designed to be usefully unstable, its upside-down curve gives you roll instability. This allows you to initiate any curve or line with minimal effort.

The FW 125 Pro Front Wing weighs 1.1kg and is best used for surf foiling, wing-, kite foiling and wake surfing, as long as it is in a big wake. Compare all wings here.

Pro Front Wings

FW Gull Wings

This is our most popular wing for intermediate to advanced foilers, looking for a general high-performance Front Wing. These shapes will Surf, SUP, wing, freeride and kiteboarding.

The Gull Wings deliver next-level efficiency, speed, early lift and bucketloads of control. Windsurfers will appreciate the natural stability that comes with a Gull Wing shape, whether you are going up- or downwind.

For wing, surf and SUP, the speed and carving characteristics are a major step up from the Allround Front Wings:

Name Weight Width (cm) Width (in)
FW 1400 1.25Kg 77 30.3
FW 1720 1.55Kg 94 37.0
FW 2500 1.87Kg 120 47.2


The Gull Wing Pro Front Wings are best used for surf foiling, wing-foiling, kite foiling, windsurfing and wake surfing. Compare all wings here.

Pro Front Wings

FW Downwinders

The high-aspect gliders are designed for downwind foiling. Their outline and foil profiles combine hydrodynamic efficiency, deliver higher speeds and excellent pump characteristics in downwind conditions. These foils are based on high-performance windsurf / kite designs and have been adapted for the slower speeds of downwind SUP. Pair any size with the RW 245 rear wing for maximum efficiency and minimal drag:


Name Weight Width (cm) Width (in)
FW 1250 1.00Kg 92 36.2
FW 1450 1.08Kg 100 39.3
FW 1650 1.69Kg 110 43.3


The advantage of a high-aspect wing like this is its efficiency. A flat shape translates to directional stability and a more effective surface in pumping motion, as more surface is equally leveraged. Compare all wings here.

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