RW 340 M-Wing

The RW 340 M-Wing is now redesigned and considered NSP’s most stable rear wing, weighing 0.2kg and considered the best option for surf, wingfoiling, windsurfing, kitesurfing and wakefoiling.

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Thanks to the new solid carbon fiber construction, all NSP rear wings are exceptionally rigid, reducing the level of input needed while up on foil.

Who’s it for?

The RW 340 M Wing is geared towards intermediate surf and windsurf foilers. This will be your go-to rear wing for handling fast direction changes with ease and it’s totally at home at higher speeds.

Where does the RW 340 M Wing fit in the range?

Designed for directional stability, the 340 M-wing works well with NSP’s Gull Front Wings and compliments the Glider Front Wings.

RW 340 M-Wing attachment

With plenty of positive rider feedback, both simulations and test reports found a top-mount solution improved efficiency and thus the NSP fuselage (black) is redesigned, allowing it to carry rear wings on the top.

The RW 340 M-wing comes with a premium 600-D nylon sleeve with an anti-corrosive zipper to protect your equipment. To mount it to an NSP Fuselage, the RW 340 M uses M6 x 25 screws (sold separately) NOTE: this updatedRW  340 M-wing will only mount to the new black fuselage.


Accessories Included

  • Premium 600-D nylon cover




The wider your rear wing, the more roll stability your setup will exhibit. Winglets or anhedral/dihedral shapes will aid in directional stability, fighting yaw. But those variations will affect the roll stability less than downright width.


The more chord your rear wing features (leading edge to trailing edge), the more pitch stability you will have. Interestingly, fewer wingspan and narrower chords will create a more responsive foiling setup. make for a faster reaction in their roll and pitch directions.

NameAreaSpanChordAspect ratioWeight
NSP RW 330 Flat Wing33039.510.54.730.2kg
NSP RW 340 M-Wing340429.65.190.2kg
NSP RW 245 High-Aspect Wing245426.47.200.16kg
NSP RW 245 High-Aspect Wing245 Trim line 1 – (225)
NSP RW 245 High-Aspect Wing245 Trim line 2 – (210)366.45.83
RW 340 M-Wing


The 3-piece, 1-3 degree Shim Kit has been redesigned and molded from fiber-reinforced nylon, working perfectly with the RW 245 High Aspect Wing.

The different degrees of each shim changes the angle of the wings in the water so you can customize your ride for more stability, faster lift maximum speed, or the best for pumping or winging.
• The 1-degree shim gives the least amount of drag, increasing speed but requiring some pumping to get up on foil.
• The 2-degree shim offers a great balance between stability and speed. It is the best choice to start out on.
• The 3-degrees shim gives the most lift and is the easiest to get up on foil with, but a little slower, making it useful for beginners or foilers who prefer a quick lift.

RW 245 High Aspect Wing - RW 340 M-Wing


RW330 FlatRW340 MRW245 High AspectRW225 RibletRW275 Riblet
Glider 1050
Glider 1250
Glider 1450
Glider 1650
Gull 1720
Gull 2100
Riblet 1025
Riblet 1225
Riblet 1425

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