Riblet Front Wings

Riblet Front Wings are excellent for wing- and surf foiling in high-wind conditions, but will also perform as endless downwinders for advanced foilers who can leverage the efficient shape of these wings. Scroll down for a video of Teamrider Alex going over the design features and performance of the Riblet Front Wings.

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Striking a perfect balance between efficient lift and rail-to-rail maneuvering, a Riblet wing is incredibly responsive. The new anhedral design translates into glide, stability and excellent speed. The improved control adds to a feeling of “being connected” once you are on foil.

Riblet Rear Wings

For the fastest and best possible performance from your Riblet Front Wings, make sure to use them in combination with the Riblet Rear Wings and the new top-mounted fuselage (black).

Why Riblet Front Wings? – Biomimicry?

​​The tubercles, or large raised bumps, on the leading-edge of whale fins and foil and outline of a Manta Ray have inspired this design using scientifically proven features to provide additional control, hold and propulsion. ​

NSP was inspired by these phenomena and has created the new Riblet front and rear wings, striking a perfect balance between efficient lift and rail-to-rail maneuvering. 

The new anhedral design translates into glide, stability and excellent speed.

Accessories Included

  • Riblet Front Wings

    Premium 600-D nylon cover



The larger the foil the more lift it can give at slower speeds and the easier it can be to control. The smaller the foil the less lift you get at slow speeds, but can give more performance for turns and snaps on waves.

NameWeightWidth (cm)Width (in)
FW 8250.77kg8935.0
FW 10250.92kg10039.4
FW 12250.96kg10039.4
FW 14251.16kg11043.3

Alex talks NSP Riblet front wings


What Rear Wing Works Best?

Riblet Front Wings work best with the Riblet Rear Wings, but the R&D team is extremely stoked about riding the Riblet Front Wings paired with the 245 High-Aspect Rear Wing as a stabilizer. Furthermore its turned out that pairing the 1225 & 1425 Riblet Front Wings with the 330 Flat rear wing is a great allround combination, a perfect compromise of speed and maneuverability.

Note: we recommend to use the Mast Shim Plate when pairing Riblet Front Wings with Riblet Rear Wings. Scroll below to review the Shim Plate).

RW 330RW 340RW 245RW 225RW 275
Glider 1050
Glider 1250
Glider 1450
Glider 1650
Gull 1720
Gull 2100
Riblet 825
Riblet 1025
Riblet 1225
Riblet 1425

Best match       Possible      Trimmed

General rules to follow in the pairing selection process:

• Bigger wing = more lift = lower skill level needed = smaller waves needed
• Smaller wing = faster, less lift = need more experience = need bigger waves
• The weight of the foiler and the skill are decisive for the front wing size

• Shorter masts great for beginners, shallow waters and learning tricks
• Mid-size masts are better for advanced riders in bigger swells
• Long masts are best for tow in

• Shorter fuselage = more reactive for tighter turns

Be sure to take into account your size and conditions when making your final decision.  Contact us if you need more support.


The NSP Mast Shim Plate is designed to further enhance endless flight.

Every foil setup and board design is different, and our Mast Shim Plate allows you to fine-tune your ride by dialling in the correct angle of attack.

The Mast Shim Plate can be used to increase or decrease the angle of attack allowing you to have a more comfortable board trim, more acceleration, and glide.

The mast shim is set to 1°, and you can combine two or more shims to create your desired angle of attack.



Riblet Action short

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