Riblet Rear Wings

The all-new Riblet Rear Wings are available in two sizes 225cm² and 275cm² and are designed to perform at their best in combination with their counterpart Riblet Front Wings.

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Thanks to a new solid carbon fiber construction, Riblet Rear Wings are exceptionally rigid, reducing the level of input needed while up on foil.

Who’s it for?

Designed as high-aspect stabilizers, Riblet Rear Wings create sustained glide and extreme maneuverability. Pair them with the all new 1025 and 1225 Riblet front wings and you have a high performing hydrofoil that can reach top speeds.

RW Riblet Rear Wings mounting

After plenty of positive rider feedback, and many simulations and test reports we found a top-mount wing solution improved efficiency and thus, we redesigned the NSP fuselage (black), allowing it to carry rear wings on the top.

All Riblet rear wings require M6 x 20 screws.

NOTE: These new Riblet Rear Wings can only be mounted to the black NSP fuselage.


Accessories Included

  • Premium 600-D nylon cover



These rear wings require the Riblet Shim Kit, which come in a pack of four, ranging from 0-3 degrees, with 0° being the fastest shim in the setup, perfect for high-speed downwind runs.

The 1° shim gives the least amount of drag, increasing speed but requiring some pumping to get up on foil.

The 2° shim offers a great balance between stability and speed. It is the best choice to start out on.

The 3° shim gives the most lift and is the easiest to get up on foil.

Essentially, the tuning of your foil setup is a tradeoff between convenient lift and inconvenient drag. Choose your shim depending on the conditions and swell for the best possible foiling experience.

Riblet Rear Wings
Riblet Rear Wings
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The wider your rear wing, the more roll stability your setup will exhibit. Winglets or anhedral/dihedral shapes will aid in directional stability, fighting yaw. But those variations will affect the roll stability less than downright width.


The more chord your rear wing features (leading edge to trailing edge), the more pitch stability you will have. Interestingly, fewer wingspan and narrower chords will create a more responsive foiling setup. make for a faster reaction in their roll and pitch directions.

NameSurfaceSpanChordAspect ratioWeight
NSP Riblet 225 RW225cm²436.38.220.17kg
NSP Riblet 275 RW275cm²476.88.030.22kg


RW330 FlatRW340 MRW245 High AspectRW225 RibletRW275 Riblet
Glider 1050
Glider 1250
Glider 1450
Glider 1650
Gull 1720
Gull 2100
Riblet 1025
Riblet 1225
Riblet 1425

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