Cocomat Fin

These eco-friendly composite 8″ Cocomat fins are made from organic Coconut husk fibers. For the eco-conscious rider, a Cocoflax Hooligan or Cocoflax Endless is truly complete with a Cocomat Fin, matching the look and eco-conscious philosophy of these high-performance longboards.

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For SUP riders, the Cocomat Lotus or other Cocoflax boards like the Cocoflax Allrounder, or Cruise are an ideal match.

Strong, durable and made to perform.

Cocomat is an innovative, sustainable, proprietary and patent-pending technology.


Cocomat Fins are eco-friendly high-performance fins built from Coconut husks.

In our construction, we like to use raw coconut husk fibers. Sourced from eco-friendly and sustainable coconut plantations in the area, these fibers are a limitless renewable resource.

Additional harmful toxins are avoided in our production process by choosing to use eco-friendly bio-resin whenever we can.



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