Performance Center Fins

Honeycomb performance series center fins for high-performance surfing in all conditions.

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Available in 3 sizes: 8.0″, 9.0″ and 10.0″


Accessories Included

  • Washer, screw and Allen key



How a fin is made is going to affect its flex, twist and recoil. NSP Performance Center Fins are RTM fins with a honeycomb core.

RTM stands for transfer moulding

Fins constructed this way feature many different layers of material, creating a fairly stiff fin. Aluminium moulds guarantee a flawless reproduction of each fin we make.

Honeycomb core

Adding a core of Honeycomb foam helps resin infusion – the gaps between the hexagons fill with resin and create unsurpassed compressive strength for the cured laminate.

– Standard, well-balanced template
– Versatile, high-performance single fin for all conditions
– Think drive, speed and response for modern longboarding
– Turn and Connect: Seamlessly connect turns and move up and down the board
– 2 + 1 Compatible

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