SUP Travel bag 8mm

SUP Travel Bag features

Protect your investment when you are on the road – arriving at your destination with pumping conditions, only to find that your board sustained unnecessary damage is not an option.

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• Heat and water-resistant polysack
• Padded carry handle Plus center handle on travel bag for easy carrying of wider boards (except SUP Surf bags)
• Detachable padded shoulder straps
• Fin slots included on every type of SUP Travel bag
• Lockable heavy-duty zipper
• Name slots on all board bags
• Air vent on travel bags

8mm padding will protect your equipment from your typical travel mishaps, but NSP also offers a lighter, 4mm version for shorter day trips.



8mm SUP Travel Bag Features

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    Bag details

    Bag NameDimensionsDesigned for
    SUP Travel 9'2"288 x 90 cmAllrounder 8’10 / 9’2
    SUP Travel 9'8"305 x 95 cmCruise, Lotus, HIT Cruiser 9’8’’
    SUP Travel 10'2"328 x 96 cmAllrounder 10’0 / Lotus, Cruise, HIT Cruiser 10’2
    SUP Travel 11'0"348 x 94 cmAllrounder 10’6 / 10’11 / Cruise, Flatwater 11’0
    SUP Travel 11'6"361 x 98 cmHIT Cruiser 11’2, 11’6 / Cruise 11’6
    SUP Travel 12'6"389 x 100 cmFlatwater 12’0 / Performance Touring 12’6
    SUP Travel 14'445 x 95 cmPerformance Touring 14’0’’

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