NSP SUPsurf Competition Results 2023

Miyahara has qualified at the 7th Eguchi SUPSurf Challenge

the 7th annual Eguchi SUP Surfing Challenge takes place on the Sub-Tropical Kyushu Island, Japan. This event features two categories: the Longboard Class and the Open Class. This competition was a qualifier for all of Japan SUP Surfing.

The Eguchi SUPSurf Challenge

Takaaki Miyahara has successfully qualified in both classes with a 1st position in the longboard class and 3rd position in the open class. As a result, he has earned the opportunity to compete in the upcoming All Japan event in November.

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Pictures Courtesy of NSP Japan

Miyahara rides the NSP High Roller in the longboard class and NSP Instigator in the open class

Read more about the High roller and Instigator

High Roller
NSP Instigator

Kanani gets the 3rd place at ISA SUPsurf qualifier event

 The USA Surfing Championships and Team Trials in Adult Shortboard, Longboard (for all ages), SUP Surf, SUP Race, and Para Surfing. This event took place at Oceanside Harbor in California.

USA Surfing Championships 2023

Open Women SUP Surf

1st Dominique Miller
2nd Candice Appleby
3rd Kanani Yockman
4th Victoria Burgess

“Came in third place for the SUP surf at the USA Championships. Thanks to all my family, sponsors and supporters along this journey, I will be back next year!”

Waves are definitely challenging but I snuck a few in.
Kanani Yockman

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Kanani raced the NSP SLX DC Surf X

The SLX Surf X was the board choice for Kanani and is a high-performance Surf SUP board, designed by D. Chapman as a light and turn-happy board that works in some of the best breaks in the world. Available in five sizes from 68 to 120 liters, you can read more about the SLX DC Surf X here!

SLX DC Surf X Deck