riding in big waves

Riding in big waves on a race board – Tip of the week #2

Each week, leading up to the start of the racing season, Team Rider Christian Andersen will be sharing essential race training secrets by posting his “Tip of the Week”. The second tip is about riding in big waves on a race board when coming in.

Have a read below and then check back each week for the next sequence of tips. If you have any questions or suggestions for tips you want to learn more about, send Christian a message; his channels are listed at the bottom of the page.

Tip of the Week #1 – Crossing white water breaks with a race board

Step 1 – Catch that wave early

Catch the wave early if possible, ideally before it breaks.

If you are catching the wave late, it will be harder to make a steep drop.

It will also be hard to catch a wave in the whitewater and ride out of it.

Riding in big waves

Step 2 – Positioning for riding in big waves

Look for the shoulder of the wave.

This will make it easier to not only make the drop, but also ride the wave after the drop.

It’s not always possible to get to the shoulder of a wave, but if you can it’s generally better on bigger wave.

Riding in big waves

Step 3 – Surf stance

Go into surf stance before you get on the wave.

That way you don’t need to focus on positioning your feet while you’re riding the wave.

It will also help your balance and you will be able to use your weight distribution from back and forth instead of side to side.

Riding in big waves

Step 4 – Angle your board on the wave

Don’t go straight down the face of the wave.

Especially if it’s a bigger wave. Riding down the face of the wave to either the left or the right depending on where it breaks will make it easier to keep the nose out of the water and avoid nose diving.

Try to angle your board as much as you can before getting on the wave.

Riding in big waves

Step 5 – Step back

The steeper the drop the further want to step back on your board.

You also want to put more weight on your back foot and push the tail into the water, especially if it’s a steeper wave.

Riding in big waves

Step 6 – Get down

Lower your center of gravity.

This will maximize your stability while riding a wave. It will also help you maintain control over your board.

Riding in big waves

Step 7 – Use Your Paddle

Use your paddle for stability. Leaning on your paddle can help your balance.

If I am going left, I try to keep my paddle on the left side and vice versa.

Riding in big waves

Who’s Christian Andersen

The creator of the “Tip of the Week” is Christian “Polar Bear” Andersen, NSP Team Rider and overall nice guy from Denmark.

Christian also has a YouTube Channel, a website, and can be found on social media.

Send Christian a suggestion via:

All sequence pictures by @bastiangrimm

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