Anni's Surf Trip

Anni’s surf trip in Philippines

The WSL QS3000 in La Union, makes for an excellent Surf Trip

The competition was held on the 18th-25th of January at Monaliza point, near San Juan in La Union, Philippines. It’s a feeder event for the WSL Tour, aimed at up-and-coming Asian athletes.

La Union is located 7 hours north-northwest of Manila by van, there are some small airports where you can take a plane if you need to get there faster and budget is not an issue.”

“When you arrive – I highly suggest you book someone to pick you up in manila so everything goes smoothly.

surf trip
Ready to rock

I didn’t have my board bag with me on the first couple of days because I almost missed my connecting flight, but my board bag positively missed it.”

“Luckily scoot sent a driver right to my doorstep 3 days later. The waves were flat for those 3 days, so I wasn’t that upset ( that I didn’t have my boards) If the waves were pumping I’d be fuming.”

Scoot to the rescue

I knew the wave conditions change very quickly at Monaliza point so I packed 4 boards to cover all scenarios.”

“The boards that I took were all brand new 2023 NSP Slot Machine

Monaliza Point, Philippines

I prepared myself as much as I could with the remaining days before the comp started, Practicing every morning and evening.”

“This was a 3,000-point qualification for short boarders On the Q.S. – but also a 1,000-point qualification for the longboarders, so the lineup was jam-packed with talented surfers hungry for waves and trying to not run over each other.

no morning without coffee

I came 3rd in my very first heat which seems to be a common theme for my 22/23 Qualification year.”

“it bugs me because I always seem to be slightly off the mark each time, but that’s competitive surfing and I get to learn so much from it.

Pic by Jefferson Dela Torre

The days after my run in the WSL competition, consisted of training (surfing), networking, meeting new and old friends, and getting to catch up with people I haven’t seen in a while.”

“Got the chance to visit the legendary waterfall (Tangadan Falls) and surf a new spot located on the east side of the island called Baler. To get there was a 5-6 hour car ride but the waves were worth every second of it.

Tangadan Falls, Philippines

The ‘Single & Unattached’ was a longboarding event held right after the WSL and luckily for me, 8 Thai surfers attended this event so it was awesome having a big crew around.”

“The comp was full of outside activities that really showcased the town of la union and I absolutely loved it!”

“A huge shoutout to all the people, athletes, and sponsors involved in the event you guys made it special!

After Single & Unattached ended it was time for me to head home.”

“It was a very worthwhile trip and I’d like to thank all my friends, family, supporters, and sponsors for this incredible journey to the Philippines.

All my Love … Anni 

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Who’s Anni

Annissa Flynn is a Thai/Australian NSP Team Rider competing in the WSL Asian Qualifying Series, gunning for a spot on the WSL down the line.

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