Annie Reickert joins NSP

We’ve been agonizing the last couple of weeks, trying to stay hush, but things are final now, Annie’s boards have arrived and we are SUPER STOKED to welcome an amazingly well-rounded water woman on the International Athlete Team!

Trent Pedersen, CEO NSP:
“An accomplished surfer, a dedicated racer and quickly building a reputation as a foiler as well, Annie is just getting started at 17-years old. Annie won Female Breakthrough Performance back in 2017, awarded by SUP Magazine, so we are not the only ones who noticed this girl is definitely making waves. We can’t wait to see how she is going to develop as an athlete, which is why we jumped at the opportunity to support her with NSP gear.”

Where did Annie get started
Anyone who’s even remotely into board sports knows about Maui. The people who are lucky enough to visit this remote island immediately notice how the conditions align, turning it into a perfect playground for some of the best athletes in the world.

What’s more, the board sports community is tightly knitted one and you can’t walk for more than ten feet without stumbling over a shaper’s bay, a designer’s workshop or some locals gearing up to go to the beach. This is the environment Annie grew up in, along with her younger brother and parents who are both avid surfers. Being on the water from a young age on allowed Annie to develop a skill set that is starting to pay off.

2018 she was the first female to complete Molokai on foil, being the only woman in a pack of 10 foilers. At 16. Finishing more than an hour before the last foiler on the course.

Annie will compete on NSP gear at the first stop of the 2019 APP Tour – the Sunset Beach Pro, North shore O’ahu. Her 6’10” DC Surf X shines was made for conditions like these, so this ought to be good.

The event officially kicked off yesterday but is on standby because of the storm conditions (when’s the last time you saw snow on Maui?!). Nonetheless here is a taste of last year’s event:


Olukai Maui – April 28 – April 29th

Paddle Imua Maui Downwind – May 5th

APP London – May 17th – May 19th

Molokai to Oahu – June (Foil Downwind)

Maui to Molokai – July (SUP Downwind)

APP Osaka – September 20th Sep – 22nd Sep

Pacific Paddle Games Dana Point – October

Heavy Water – November

Travis Grant, International NSP Team Rider
“Annie is the future of Women’s Sup and Surfing. She is going to be the ultimate water Women and I’m stoked that NSP is here to help her on her journey become the best waterwoman she can be. Watch this young lady as she is about to conquer the world on the water!”

Alain Teurquetil
“We’re more than just excited to be able to work with Annie. She’s left an impression from the very first time I saw her race in Oregon 2 years ago and her performance has only increased since.”

“Our established training methods will help Annie to develop her racing DNA, and I know that several guys on the team are looking forward to talk foil and downwind with her. Annie is going to be a great addition to our team and 
I honestly can’t wait to see things unfolding for her this year.”

NSP DC Surf X for SUP surfing
Annie’s NSP quiver consists of the NSP DC Surf X, designed by Dale Chapman. Perfect for lightweight team riders and bombing conditions, this is an ideal board for Maui and Maui-like conditions.

These are only available in premium and this performance board rewards accomplished riders with excellent wave riding characteristics, reduced weight and bomb-proof durability, thanks to its SLX Construction.


Taking a 2018 Sonic through wash with ease

NSP Carolina for SUP racing
Annie will also race the 2019 NSP Carolina 21.5″ designed by Alain Teurquetil, which is the current weapon of choice for the International NSP racing team consisting of teamriders like Titouan Puyo, Travis Grant and Ty Judson.

This race shape truly excels in flat- to medium downwind conditions. Its design also performs well in up- and crosswind conditions. And while the Carolina is available in 4 widths, Annie races the smallest size.

Annie’s secured a win in Paris, sprinting against some of the very best on the tour and we are stoked seeing her race our latest and greatest race board this year.

NSP Protech Hybrid for surf
Annie also rides the NSP 5’9″ Protech Hybrid in glacier grey and the design team is working with her on some custom shapes too.

Annie is also sponsored by:
Maui Fin Company (MFC
Maui Jim sunglasses
Honolua Surf Company
Pakaloha Maui – Bikinis and Swimwear
The Hydrofoil Company

All images of Annie taken by her proud and dedicated mom, Melissa Reickert.