SUP Day board bag 4mm

The NSP SUP Day Bag is perfect when you are looking for a day out in the surf but it requires some driving.

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Are you worried your board may get dinged during transfer? Well worry no more – the NSP SUP Day Bag is perfect for proteflightscting your gear from sand, sun and other mishaps. For extensive travel involving flights and/or cargo handlers, make sure to check out the 8mm Travel bag as well.

SUP Day Bag Design:

  • Reflective coating on the outer shell
  • Heat and water-resistant Polysack
  • Carry handle
  • Detachable padded shoulder straps
  • Zipper fin slots included on all SUP bags except on the smallest SUP Surf bag ( 7’8″)

High-performance accessories

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Accessories Included

  • NSP Shoulder Strap

    Shoulder strap


SUP Day Bag Features

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    Bag details

    Bag NameDimensionsDesigned for
    9'2" 4mm287 x 89 cmAllrounder 8'10 / 9'2
    9'8" 4mm304 x 94 cmCruise, Lotus, Cruiser HIT 9'8
    10'2" 4mm327 x 95 cmAllrounder 10'0 / Lotus, Cruise, Cruiser HIT 10'2
    11'0" 4mm347 x 93 cmAllrounder 10’6’’ / 10’11 / Cruise, Flatwater 11’0’’
    11'6" 4mm360 x 97 cmCruiser HIT 11’2, 11’6 / Cruise 11’6
    12'6" 4mm397 x 99 cmPerformance Touring 12'6"/ Flatwater 12’0
    14'0" 4mm444 x 91 cmPerformance Touring 14'0"

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