Gull Front Wings

NSP Gull Wings are our most popular wing for beginning- to intermediate foilers, looking for a general high-performance Front Wing. These shapes will work for Surf, SUP, wing, freeride and kiteboarding. The Gull wings come in two sizes; the tried-and-tested 1720 and a new 2100 as well.

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The Gull Wing Series has softer winglets that increase maneuverability while retaining stability. This makes these front wings a game changer for beginners who are just getting into foiling, intermediate riders looking to increase their skills or expert freeriders looking for a wing that works in all conditions.


Accessories Included

  • Premium 600-D nylon cover


Gull Front Wings vs. Glider Front Wings

With less input required from the rider to lift, the Gull Front Wings are ideal for those just getting into the sport, while the other Front Wings are ideal for advanced riders looking for top-end speed, sustained glide or maneuverability. NSP high-aspect Glider Wings are designed for downwind foiling, meaning you can ride these wings as well, but tapping into their full performance potential in terms of glide will require advanced foiling skills.

Gull Front Wings

The Gull Wings deliver next-level efficiency, speed, early lift and bucketloads of control. Windsurfers will appreciate the natural stability that comes with a Gull Wing shape, whether you are going up- or downwind.

Riders looking for a step up from the Gull Front Wings should look into the Glider Front Wings or other front wings in the foiling line-up.

NameWeightWidth (cm)Width (in)
FW 17201.55kg9437.0
FW 21001.85kg10845.2

The Gull Front Wings are best used for surf foiling, wing-foiling, kite foiling, windsurfing and wake surfing.


RW330 FlatRW340 MRW245 High AspectRW225 RibletRW275 Riblet
Glider 1050
Glider 1250
Glider 1450
Glider 1650
Gull 1720
Gull 2100
Riblet 1025
Riblet 1225
Riblet 1425

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