Glider Front Wings

The Glider Front Wings range has grown to four sizes, providing you with a full range of High-Aspect (HA) gliders designed for downwind foiling.

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The outline and foil profiles combine hydrodynamic efficiency and higher speeds with excellent pump characteristics in downwind conditions. All HA sizes have been tweaked for a looser ride and increased maneuverability, allowing for lightning-fast turns and drawn-out circles.

What’s new?

The 1050 wing is the latest addition to our Glider Front Wings range, ideally used in big downwind conditions, big surf, and for any rider wanting more speed from their setup.

Perfect for surf, SUP and wingfoiling, the new NSP glider front wings are the foundation of any foiling quiver.


The NSP Glider Front Wings require three M8 x 25 Screws to mount it to an NSP Fuselage.


Accessories Included

  • Premium 600-D nylon cover


Glider Front Wings

These foils are based on high-performance windsurf / kite designs and have been adapted for the slower speeds of downwind SUP. The advantage of a high-aspect wing is its efficiency. A flat shape translates to directional stability and a more effective surface in pumping motion, as more surface is equally leveraged.

On the smaller glider wings, the reduction of surface area means less drag, increased efficiency and maneuverability, better acceleration and more top-end speed.

Pair any size with the RW 245 rear wing for maximum efficiency and minimal drag:

NameWeightWidth (cm)Width (in)
FW 10500.9kg9035.5
FW 12501.00kg9236.2
FW 14501.08kg10039.3
FW 16501.69kg11043.3


General rules to follow in the selection process:

• Bigger wing = more lift = lower skill level needed = smaller waves needed
• Smaller wing = faster, less lift = need more experience = need bigger waves
• The weight of the foiler and the skill are decisive for the front wing size

• Shorter masts great for beginners, shallow waters and learning tricks
• Mid-size masts are better for advanced riders in bigger swells
• Long masts are best for tow in

• Shorter fuselage = more reactive for tighter turns

Be sure to take into account your size and conditions when making your final decision.  Contact us if you need more support.

330 RW340 RW245 RW225 RW275 RW
Glider 1050
Glider 1250
Glider 1450
Glider 1650
Gull 1720
Gull 2100
Riblet 1025
Riblet 1225
Riblet 1425

Best match



Glider Front Wings vs. Gull Front Wings vs. Riblet Series

Compared to the more popular Gull Front Wings (more allround foiling) and our Riblet Front Wings (designed for maximum speed), the Glider Front Wings are the high-aspect wings in the line-up designed for downwind foiling. This means you may be able to ride one, but tapping into their full performance requires advanced foiling skills.

Intermediate- and beginning foilers are best served with the more accessible Airwave sets and/or any of the Gull Front Wings. Riders looking for a specific foil characteristic like sustained glide, the best possible responsiveness or top-end speed are best served with the Riblet, Gull or Glider Front Wings.

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