Soft Roof Racks

NSP’s Soft Roof Racks are perfect for carrying your surf, sup, or foil boards to the beach on the roof of your car.

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The Soft Racks are made with heavy-duty nylon straps, designed to wrap around the inside of your car while safely securing your boards to the roof.

Highly durable cam buckles keep your boards in place without sliding during transport. These NSP Soft Racks are designed to work on most vehicles.

Protect your equipment with quality transportation accessories by NSP.

• Available in Double or Single rack sizing.

Soft Roof Rack features:

• Single racks hold up to three shortboards or two longboards
• Double racks hold up to 6 surfboards
• Universal fit for most cars, trucks, and SUVs
• Thick, long-length nylon straps
• Heavy-duty, corrosion-free buckles encased in padded EVA to avoid scratching the vehicle.
• Water-resistant, durable, nylon-wrapped, soft rubber pads.
• Compact size and easy to store.




Double Soft Roof Rack

soft roof rack

Single Soft Roof Rack

soft roof rack

How To Install Soft Roof Racks

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