Technique with Travis – Properly securing your board

Technique with Travis

An often overlooked part of raceboard ownership is the transportation from your training grounds to the race location. Designed for elite racing, these boards have to be handled carefully and packaged appropriately when on the road.

And even a short ride means strapping your board to a roof rack in a secure and efficient way. We know that too often, boards are damaged when they are tied down too hard or attached to unpadded roof racks, which is why we created this video.

Travis explains roof rack fixation and what to watch out for

Main Takeaways from this episode


Raceboards are delicate precision tools and typically get damaged more during travel rather than during training or racing.


Having padded racks on your car is the best way to secure your board. Always make sure your board is on the padding and properly secured, not too loose and not too tight.


Always have the straps pulling down rather than up, making it easier to loosen them when you want to take them off again.

About Travis

Travis Grant is a stand-up paddle athlete with several world titles under his belt, including Molokai, the Carolina Cup, King of the Harbour NZ and countless others.

About securing your boards

As a manufacturer, we do get to see a lot of unnecessary damage from airline transportation, but another sure way to damage your board is to tie it down too hard, or the use of unpadded roof racks. Even though the board sits snug standing still, every single pothole you drive over will have the potential to ding your precious performance board.

technique with travis securing your board
Bring the right tool for the job!

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Video by: Taylor Johnson