Racing results from last weekend (26th of May)

We’ve gone into the 4th week of the EuroTour last weekend, and Crete was bound to be a special race for NSP, as one of the older athletes (Happy Birthday btw Alain!) who participated has stood at the very cradle of the NSP Racing program. Also congratulations on a well-deserved 41st place 😉

Agios Nikolaos is a coastal town on the Greek island of Crete, lying east of the island’s capital Heraklion, north of the town of Ierapetra and west of the town of Sitia. It’s easy to get to due to the International Airport and prize money remains a whopping 12.000 EUR, unchanged from last year’s event.

Alain Teurquetil, veteran board designer and racer

Noelani Sach attended as well after last week’s Vendée Gliss Event, and she continues to impress. Or, as put it: “German youngster Noelani Sach was once again impressive in the bumps en route to her second straight EuroTour podium.”

NSP did great with a 2nd place for Titouan and 3rd for Noelani. Read the full results below; for a race report, make sure to check out Noelani’s take on her race:

“After seeing all the beautiful photos from Crete in advance I was really excited to head to this Greek island for the 4th stop of the EuroTour. Arriving late Friday evening we (me and my family) had the whole Saturday to check out the course, as well as getting registered at a nice beach a bit away from the main city of this area, called Agios Nikolaos.”

The course in a nutshell, two buoys, a covered part and an open sea section
The course in a nutshell, two buoys, a covered part and an open sea section

“This part of the tour is really warm, windy and sunny plus the Greek food is renowned worldwide. After everything was done I went for a little pre-race training session. The EuroTour provides the great service of transporting the boards to the different event sites which makes life heaps easier.

On Sunday, after a short but heavy rain shower the clouds slowly disappeared and with the sun coming out the wind also picked up. We started upwind at Plaka beach, which actually was a pretty rocky beach. Therefore, the organizers decided to do a waterstart and head straight downwind. The wind consistently increased during the warm-up and skippersmeeting and by the time we were done, boards started to fly around.”

It may not look like much, but this is Greece blowing at a steady 15 to 16 knots
It may not look like much, but this is Greece blowing at a steady 15 to 16 knots

“The location looked pretty cool with the wind accelerating between Spinalonga (an island offshore) and the mainland. The start was pretty hectic and messy as usual with women and men starting at the same time. And once moreI managed to win the girls start and took off heading downwind. Like Titouan, I chose the left lane which worked pretty well for me as I was always trading 1st or 2nd place with Amandine Chazot and Olivia Piana – who chose to go further to the right. After 4.5k we had to pass a tiny channel with a little bridge, requiring me to surf sideways to get there, as I had chosen a different lane.”

The channel section of the course
The channel section of the course

“I ended up coming out of the channel in 3rd place, just behind Olivia, almost close enough to draft her. Coming out to the open Mediterranean, we initially were still sheltered from the wind and waves. This is where both the top 2 girls managed to break away a bit. Soon the swell and wind reached us and the race turned into surfing. Continuing the course we had to go around a cliff following the coast line. Despite the wind now coming sideways we were able to catch some amazing bumps as I was battling with EuroTour organizer Belar Diaz. Further down we had a short flat part, where we turned around the buoy downwind again and continued towards Agios Nikolaos harbor.”

Titouan marching forwards towards the finish line through the harbor
Titouan marching forwards towards the finish line through the harbor

“I still had some good battles with the guys and although I could see Olivia the whole time I wasn’t able to catch up and stayed in 3rd position in front of Susak Molinero. The finish line was in the harbor just in front of a small bridge leading into a so called “Sea Lake”. Everything was prepared for our arrival and water and food were provided immediately. The weather was amazing as it was a hot day and watching some more amateur racing before the prize ceremony was awesome. The organization had handpicked a typical Greek plaza and the locals were really warm and hospitable. In the end, Titouan scored some podium surface as well with a solid 2nd position.”

“Cheers to Belar for putting this great EuroTour together making it possible for us to race in many different locations all over Europe.”

Me and the girls on the podium * superproud*
Me and the girls on the podium * superproud*

Full results men

No.#NameTimeNationalityEuroTourPaddle League
1Michael Booth01:12:45Australia4030
2Titouan Puyo01:14:25France3022.5
3Vinnicius Martins01:14:51Brazil2418
4Bruno Hasulyo01:14:58Hungary2015
5Paolo Marconi01:15:55Italy1712.75
6Martin Vitry01:16:00France1410.5
7Daniel Hasulyo01:16:20Hungary129
8Leonard Nika01:16:24Italy107.5
9Boris Jinvresse01:17:04France96.75
10Federico Esposito01:18:07Italy86
11Arthur Santacreu01:18:15Brazil7.25.4
12Christian Andersen01:18:57Denmark6.44.8
13Claudio Nika01:19:14Italy64.5
14Liran Machlev01:19:31Israel5.64.2
15Davide Ionico01:20:18Fanatic5.23.9
16Filippo Mercuriali01:20:21Italy4.83.6
17Νικολαος Συριγος01:20:35Greece4.43.3
18Zacharias Koumoudiou01:21:04Greece43
19Dimitris Apalagakis01:21:28Greece3.62.7
20Alexandros Vasiliou01:21:58Greece3.22.4
21Αναστασιος Τσουρης01:22:10Greece32.25
22Αλεξανδρος Πραπας01:22:34Greece2.82.1
23Κωνσταντινος Κωνσταντινου01:23:07Greece2.61.95
24Γιωργος Κωνσταντης01:23:31Greece2.41.8
25Franzesco Nazzel01:23:392.21.65
26Εμμανουηλ Νερατζουλης01:24:35Greece2.081.56
27Γιωργος Κλεινακης01:25:23Greece1.961.47
28Belar Diaz01:26:12Spain1.841.38
29Νικος Κρικελης01:26:15Greece1.721.29
30Πετρος Φοιβος Λαζοπουλος01:26:51Greece1.61.2
31Λουκας Βασιλειου01:26:57Greece1.521.14
32Christian Taucher01:27:451.441.08
33Elia Rossetti01:27:571.361.02
34Νικος Καλατζακης01:27:58Greece1.280.96
35Maui Sach01:28:08Germany1.20.9
36Γιαννης Τοψαχαλιδης01:29:21Greece1.120.84
37Frithzof Sach01:29:29Germany1.040.78
38Fred Bonef01:29:56France0.960.72
39Κωνσταντινος Ανδρικοπουλος01:30:35Greece0.880.66
40Αλεξανδρος Μπουτζαλης01:31:44Greece0.80.6
41Alain Teurquetil01:32:01France0.760.57
42Nikiforos Tziotis01:32:25Greece0.720.54
43Νικολαος Παπαδακης01:33:00Greece0.680.51
44Κωνσταντινος Πολυχρονοπουλος01:34:10Greece0.640.48
45Μιχαλης Συλλιγαρδακης01:34:35Greece0.60.45
46Nikolaos Fasoulakis01:35:05Greece0.560.42
47Αθανασιος Καραισκος01:35:14Greece0.520.39
48Kiriakos Fitrakis01:35:33Greece0.480.36
49Dan Caach01:36:080.440.33
50Δημητρης Δουκας01:37:45Greece0.40.3
51Βασιλειος Καλαμπαλικης01:41:49Greece0.20.15
52Γιαννης Κουτουλακης01:43:06Greece0.20.15
53Ηλιας Δερματας01:43:30Greece0.20.15
54Μιλτιαδης Σπανουδακης01:45:53Greece0.20.15
55Νικολαος Ψιμαρνης01:48:28Greece0.20.15
56Μανος Κολυδακης01:49:17Greece0.20.15
57Νικος Αγγελακης01:53:48Greece0.20.15
58Βασιλης Σαμιωτης01:55:27Greece0.20.15
59Νικολαος Τζανακης01:59:10Greece0.20.15
60Ντινος Σιωμοπουλος02:02:18Greece0.20.15
61Γιωργος Χρανιωτης02:20:47Greece0.20.15

Full results women

No.#NameTimeNationalityEuroTourPaddle League
1Amandine Chazot01:24:09France4030
2Olivia Piana01:25:36France3022.5
3Noelani Sach01:27:01Germany2418
4Susak Molinero01:28:00Spain2015
5Caterina Stenta01:29:46Italy1712.75
6Susanne Lier01:30:27Germany1410.5
7Κωνσταντινα Κονταρινη01:36:31Greece129
8Maria Panagi01:39:04Greece107.5
9Linda Schwaiger01:46:3396.75
10Stephanie Libzon01:47:2186
11Νανσυ Καραϊνδρου01:48:26Greece7.25.4
12Ηλιανα Λακαφωση01:51:03Greece6.44.8
13Dorottya Bathori01:57:0464.5
14Ελλη Φυργαδη02:00:55Greece5.64.2
15Αμαλια Βλαχακη02:10:02Greece5.23.9
16Φραγκισκη Μοσχακης02:10:25Greece4.83.6
17Ευη Τσιρου02:11:47Greece4.43.3

All pictures by Sandra Sach