Travis buoy turns in full control

Technique with Travis – How to do buoy turns

Technique with Travis

This buoy turn tutorial is one of several clips in an NSP exclusive series of short, instructional videos by Travis Grant. His tips and techniques will help racers like yourself to improve and perhaps iron out some of the kinks in your current routines.

Travis explains great buoy turn techniques

About Travis

Travis Grant is a stand-up paddle athlete with several world titles under his belt, including Molokai, the Carolina Cup, King of the Harbour NZ and countless others.

About buoy turns

In the video Travis enjoys great conditions while demonstrating his turning technique, but imagine doing the same offshore, in windy chop. Add the adrenaline rush of racing, and a pack of other competitors breathing down your neck and swinging around paddles and their own 12’6″.

Practising and repeating this manoeuvre will help you develop a certain kind of automatism and prepare you for race day.

Main Takeaways


How hard or easy your buoy turns are depends on the type of board you use and the fin you screwed in.


The back of the board is narrower and more tippy, so a wider stance allows for more stability and balance


Always practice, try out new techniques and different ways to do a buoy turn to learn the best way for you.

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Video by: Taylor Johnson