DC Foil X Flax

About riding the DC Foil X Flax: “It’s the silence that really hits you, the first time you lift off”: Open up a whole new world of wave riding!

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Catch waves that refuse to break and fly over the slower sections with grace and speed. Evolved from the DC Foil X, this version is a simplified, eco-friendlier board featuring flax fiber in its rails for added durability.

The DC Foil X Flax only connects to twin-track mounting systems as we skipped the Tuttle-box to cut weight and price. If you don’t already own a foil with a Tuttle, this is the board to go for, as it’s more tunable, more resistant to torque, and easier to set up.

DC Foil X Flax Features

Downwinding, wake foiling, tow-in, or windfoiling, the DC Foil can do it all.

  • Maximize every wave with power and speed.
  • With a huge sweet spot for a board this size, this foil board is designed for maximum stability.
  • Features multi-foil fin box options strategically positioned to optimize control.
  • E-glass hybrid rail with deck/bottom matt color and polished rails.
  • Full-length uni-directional carbon stringer for added strength.
  • Biaxial carbon-reinforced foil box.
  • FTU fin system.(compatible with Futures® fins)
  • Diamond grooved EVA tail pad with side and a center T-bar ridge for easy foot placement while foiling.

The shape of the DC Foil X Flax

The DC Foil is shaped and designed by legendary shaper Dale Chapman. Paired to the NSP Airwave or conventional fins (thruster works best for fast and loose rides), a hybrid works well on- and over the surface. It’s time to fly.

The DC Foil X Flax differs in design and in the number of foil mounts. By skipping the Tuttle Box and using Flax fibers for the rails instead of Carbon-Innegra Honeycomb, the result is a hybrid SUP board with the same durability and performance as the DC Foil X but at a lower price point.

High-Performance accessories by NSP

Scroll to the bottom of the page for suitable high-performance foiling accessories by NSP.


Accessories Included

  • FTU RTM Fins

    3x NSP J5 RTM fins

Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
7'6"29"4 ¹/⁴"116 Liters8.8 Kg


DC Foil X Flax Construction

DC Foil X Flax Construction

• SLX: A premium and high-performance package.
• Features multi-foil fin box option strategically positioned to optimize control.
• Vacuum bonded SLX (Super Light Epoxy) core offers a lighter weight.
• Biax glass and Paulownia veneer wood deck for improved impact resistance.
• Full-length uni-directional carbon stringers for added strength and added foil drive.
• Biaxial carbon reinforced foil box.
• Hand-polished UD Flax Rails

SLX foil X Construction

    Get pricing and availability info for the NSP DC Foil X Flax:

    Bag details

    Bag Name Dimensions Designed for
    SUP Foil Day Bag 4mm240 x 90 cm 7'6"
    SUP Foil Travel Bag 8mm240 x 90 cm 7'6"

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